Monday, 20 August 2018


Dads! Aren't they special!

They're good for so many things and building things is just one of them (and one of my favourites).

My Dad has built me so much over the years. He recently made Achilles this house bed with his Ryobi tools and we absolutely love this homemade addition to our home.

My Dad has used Ryobi literally his whole life. When I pulled out this prize pack (which one of you will win) he said, "I could have just brought mine over, I have this exact bag!"

 So, whilst I haven't used any Ryobi ONE+ tools myself yet, you can be assured that my Dad uses only the best so I trust that I am working with an amazing brand in Ryobi.

Ryobi have recently launched a personalised gift guide just for you (or the special Dad in your life). Just click here and answer a couple of questions about who you’re shopping for and the gift selector will give you a few ideas on what to get them! It’s so handy as I am planning to pick out a few things for my Dad as well, to say thank you for being such a special and helpful Dad.

If you want to enter my giveaway to win this amazing prize pack worth $399 - head to my Instagram page by clicking here and find this photo to enter!!!

Keep smiling!

Tahana x

Friday, 6 July 2018


I have been wanting to write about this for so long but its really hard to find the words to say when they have never left my mouth before.

Monday, 11 June 2018


We recently partnered with Aldi to celebrate their Soup & Steam special buys (on until Wednesday 13 June 2018).

**we were given a voucher to purchase the ingredients - not a sponsored post

I decided to make something a little more creative and outside the box. I LOVE Minestrone Soup! But I wanted to mix it up and make it a little more spicy!

Monday, 12 March 2018

How to: Positive Co-parenting

When I get asked to write about co-parenting, I really don't want to. This experience is so new and so extremely personal to me but the thing is, I have always shared everything because it always made me feel better about everything and hey, if this helps even one other separated couple to build a better relationship for their child, then I am happy... so, with Ben's permission, here we go.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Signs your relationship is just not working anymore

**I am writing this post because I have had several messages from women asking me about this... I hope this can help even one person.Now before I get in to this post, I just want to be clear, I am not a relationship expert, I am simply writing from my experiences in my past relationships.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

How to: transition to cruelty free

If you're reading this, you're at least a little bit interested in transitioning in to cruelty free or  interested in hearing what it's all about.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Tips for Surviving a Major Break Up

Any break up is pretty horrible no matter the circumstances. Some are worse than others but they all hurt.

Here are some tips that have helped me along the way and some tips I wish I had taken on instead of putting myself through hell.