Thursday, 21 December 2017

My Top Ten Instagrammers of 2017

Whilst I didn't reach my goal of getting 10,000 followers by my birthday, Instagram is my go to app every single day. It's where I go to find hope and support from women all over the world who are just out to be #girlbosses just like me!

Here are the accounts I turn to on the daily for laughs, inspiration and just to feel like I'm not all alone in this world!

Day In The Life Of Mum

Amanda is the most beautiful soul you'll come across on Instagram. She has had an incredibly rough year with suffering multiple miscarriages.  Despite this, she opens her heart to her followers and is completely open and honest about it all because she knows there are others out there going through the same thing. The way she wears her heart on her sleeve makes her one of the most relatable women on Instagram. Whilst you would expect anyone else going through the same thing to be completely miserable, she continues to be a shining light in the world of those around her, including her one year old son Leonardo who is the most adorable and funny little boy! 

Just Another Mummy Blog

 Steph...beautiful feed...beautiful face...beautiful soul...and beautiful family. Everything about Steph is just so beautiful. I know she has been judged a lot by people who follow her this year but I can assure you she is the most genuine person and is such a kind, caring soul. Steph has just welcomed her second daughter and I could not be more excited to follow her journey on becoming a mother of two!

Bailey and The Bump

Whilst (The Bump) is now her two year old daughter, Piper and I am sure a name change is coming soon, Kerrie's Instagram feed is what dreams are made of. She is just the most perfect mum to her two children and her photography skills are impeccable.  I actually met Kerrie on an app called Mush (Tinder for Mums haha) and we realised we were already following each other on Instagram. We're now great friends and I just adore following her feed!

Thud and Pop

You want a laugh and the most relatable parenting posts you have ever seen? Lauren is your woman! Whilst she has over 14k followers on Facebook, I love that, on Instagram, we get real live stories of Lauren and her life with two children and a husband. She has me laughing almost daily and I think I have watched all of her Facebook videos 1000 times each because they have me in hysterics  (especially the ones about grammar!).  Lauren has such a way with words and such an innate ability to connect with those who follow her. I could not recommend her more!

The Real Simone Marie

Simone is the most positive person on Instagram (I am certain of it). If I need a lift after a rough day, I will turn to Simone and her stories to put a smile on her face. Whilst she faces her own struggles, she vows to smile and live life to her fullest each and every day. Simone also shares how she lives her life with anxiety and how she battles it. I adore Simone and the positivity she brings to so many lives.

The Stylist Mama

Ellen's feed has the perfect mix of style, beauty and mum life and I couldn't love it more! Although she makes me want to buy things I most definitely cannot afford, I LOVE seeing her outfits! She always looks amazing and she makes me want to be more stylish! Ellen's feed is so much fun I just love checking in to see what content she posts!

More Than Adored

I've been following Sarah since I started Instagram back in 2013. Se is a bomb fashion blogger for the fact she doesn't just wear the latest dress that is stocked in every single online boutique, she sticks to HER style and I LOVE that. Sarah is also vegan and full of food ideas on her stories! AND she has a super cute puppy who makes her stories even more worth watching! <3

Nadine Muller

This woman is NEXT level. I have expressed my love of everything she is about multiple times but every day, she amazes me. She is the biggest advocate of random acts of kindness and is always out to make everyone's days just that bit better in any way she can. She is my inspiration to be a better person and a better woman. She has so much drive and just thrives off living life to the absolute fullest!

The Unrefined

I've known Nicola since 2014 when I met her at my local markets when she was selling her granola! Now in 2017, she has her very own online store, a warehouse full of people making HER nuts and packing them in to gorgeous little boxes. I am so proud of how far she has come. She is such an inspiration to me and many other women that it is possible to do it all on your own. She is absolutely KILLING it. Whilst her granola now has a page of it's very own (@nutiiboost), Nicola leaves this page to fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle and I couldn't be more in love with her feed!

Kate Brady

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I LONG for the body confidence that Kate exudes on her Instagram feed. Her body is incredible and you can tell that she loves and takes care of it. I just love looking at Kate's feed for fitness and fashion inspiration. Kate also has her very own business (@betherebeauty an app that connects customers with the top beauty spots in Brisbane! A kick ass #girlboss entrepreneur making her own dreams come true!

And there you have it! My Top 10 Instagrammers of 2017!! Do let me know your faves in the comments below! I LOVE following new accounts! <3

Keep smiling!

Tahana x


  1. Although I'm not a mumma I do believe that we could all use a little more #girlboss power in our lives and so I've followed everyone on your list! Can't wait for their awesomeness to fill my feed! Xx
    Merry Christmas!

    Kez |

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