Wednesday, 22 November 2017

How to: Stay Positive

Stay positive... everything will be ok... SO many people have said this to me.

You know what... its not just as easy as that.

Sometimes it is really damn hard to stay positive when it seems like your whole world is falling apart or when you're going through one of those phases where everything just goes wrong (I think I've had about ten of these phases in my life and I know, they're hard to get through but please know, they will pass even when you think they won't).

Now, I'm not an expert on positivity, I have my moments where I don't want to be positive. I just want to cry and let it all out, but I think that helps. Holding everything in is probably the worst thing I've ever done to myself and to be honest, I've done it for years... Just held everything in. Now it's all out, for everyone to see and I feel liberated.

Here are the little things I do every day to stay in a positive mind frame

Take down your curtains

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Ok this is a "where possible". My neighbours can see in my window but I always make sure my lights are off if I am ever undressed. Taking down my curtains was probably the best thing I've done. Instead of waking up and wanting to go straight back to bed in a blacked out room, I now get up to the sun. My room is beautifully filled with natural light and it makes me feel ready to face the day!

Have a self care routine

SELF CARE. After my super amazing facial at @beautyonlatrobe today, I was going to write about the importance of skincare and certain products that are incredible for the skin BUT... I thought I’d talk about self care instead because what’s the use in pretty skin if you don’t feel confident enough to rock it. Once a month, I take the time for me to be pampered for one whole hour in a room with a beautifully lit chandelier and calming music where my skin gets transformed in to a glowing wonder I’ve only ever dreamed of and I get massaged in to complete stress free bliss. I challenge you to do more for you. Find your local salon (although, if you’re anywhere in Brisbane I can’t recommend @beautyonlatrobe anymore, I travel 40 mins to get there!) and be pampered! I went in feeling extremely stressed and not myself and I left with this smile, feeling confident and ready to face the world with perfect skin! ❤️❤️ What do you do to self care?? #skincare #beautyonlatrobe #paddington #ultraceuticals #selfcare . . . #happy #mum #mummy #iloveyou #mother #child #instamoments #parentlife #solomumma #parenthood #happymum #toddler #singlemum #instamummy #instamama #instamamagang #lifewithkids #mamablogger #mummyblogger #fitmum #mummylife #toddlermom #proudmom #brisbane #brisbanemum
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 I admit, this is something I slacked on for about 16 months. My self care was wayyyy too far down  my list for my own good. Now, I have a routine. I have a skin care routine, I wash and straighten my hair each Sunday, I get a facial each month (courtesy of Beauty on Latrobe), I meditate each Friday night - every night was just too much for me. I'm in the process of finding a therapist who has a monthly appointment available. This is because, I believe you always have room to improve. Right now I have LOTS of room to improve haha but I feel an ongoing appointment with a therapist is a healthy routine to have as they're really good at helping you learn how to deal with all the different things that come along in life.

Read/ Listen

At the moment, I'm in to reading motivational books and inspiring Podcasts. It is always interesting to hear other people's outlooks on life. I also have a few inspirational quote books which are a great thing to look at each morning. Starting your day with a positive thought can make a huge difference. If you want me to list some of my favourite podcasts, be sure to let me know in the comments!


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This one is the most important and it is also my most favourite. Please never underestimate the healing power of being active. And when I say exercise, please don't think that I mean you have to spend hours in the gym. This could literally mean a walk around your neighborhood, a full body stretch in your living room, an at home workout to a YouTube video, a yoga class, a hike, a swim, literally ANYTHING that you love that involves being active. When I refer to exercise in the scope of staying positive, I don't mean do it because you will lose weight, I mean do it because you will feel better and better each time you are active. Endorphines are amazing little things. Make sure you release some every single day, even if it's only for 10 minutes.

Spend time outside


Good old VITAMIN D. We all hear about how important it is in those commercials on TV for the supplements, but what's even better is getting the real thing. Hey, it is readily available to us (well here in Queensland), at least 12 hours per day so you really have no excuse to spend a good 15-20 minutes outside every day. The longer the better (of course, be sun smart and slip, slop slap!)

Be Social 


If you're like me, when you get depressed, the last thing you want to do is be around people. I tend to shut everyone out, cancel plans and just keep to myself. Over the years, I have realised how detrimental that has been to any success in feeling better. Lately, I have been forcing myself to be social, even if it's going to the gym to be around other people, going for coffee with a friend, visiting friends and making weekend plans and sticking to them. When you're social (and around the right people) you laugh.. and you know what they say.. laughter is the best medicine. I could not agree more.


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I used to think self care was self love. Boy was I wrong. You can care for and look after yourself whilst still not completely appreciating yourself for everything you do and actually loving yourself enough to do all of the things I have done above. You know, my whole life, I have never practiced self love. Sure, at times, I have been confident but I've never sat down and really thought about the things I have achieved in my life and really been proud of myself. To help me practice self love (which also ties in with knowing your self worth and what you deserve), I have printed out some self love affirmations that I stick up around the house and read to myself every day!

Cut the shit (people)

Cut them. Just do it. Life is too short to surround yourself with mediocre people who don't want to see you happy. Unless your friend/ partner/ family member is there for you when you need them, supports you and wants you to be happy, they ultimately don't have an important place in your life and are only making like more difficult. I know I have spent way too much time in my life being upset over people who essentially, never cared about me that much anyway.

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Keep smiling!



  1. I think being positive is sometimes a skill. It comes naturally to some people but for me it's something I have to practice and consciously make an effort.

  2. I couldn't agree with this post more! it is so true how getting those negative, bad people out of your life and spending time outside with those you love and switching things up during the week or weekend. I am a very positive person but life throws it at you sometimes so its hard to stay positive but these things definitely help:)

  3. You are so spot on with every single thing! Sometimes you can’t just stay upbeat all the time and a good cathartic cry or Vege day is just what you need! I’m trying to read more as well at the moment and make time for stuff I used to enjoy. Great post!


  4. This is such a beautiful post Tahana!! I have never considered taking down curtains, but I can see that being so beneficial! I’ve been getting up a lot earlier lately and really enjoying it, I get so much more out of my day and feel so much better for it!

    Laura || xx

  5. This is such a great post and so many great ways to keep positive. I definitely want to try taking my curtains down, I am guilty of hitting snooze and end up feeling worse than if I had just got up on the first alarm :) x

  6. Staying positive is such a beautiful quality, I think it does comes with the circumstances and your experiences. And when you can not help to stay positive, I agree being social, focusing on something else, talking, laughing indeed helps. Great points.

  7. You're right, just saying stay positive or be positive is not enough. I love all your suggestions. The curtain one is so random, but so right! I love having natural light pouring into my room when I wake up. And go on your for treating yourself to a monthly facial, you skin is looking gorgeous!

  8. I always look forward to reading your inspiring messages. Thank you so much for your insight and your willingness to share with so many of us that need it.
    May peace be yours.