Monday, 4 September 2017


Holy SH*T.. It is SEPTEMBER... It is SPRING! Here comes my favourite time of the year! I could not be more excited for this month!

Now, I have updated last month's post with how I did so you can click here to read the updates.

So here is my to do list for SEPTEMBER.


Ok so Mama may have spent a little too much money in August. I bought myself a MASSIVE early birthday present which I will share with you guys on instagram later this month, a whole bunch of clothes, shoes, homewares, presents, clothes and toys for Achilles, you name it, I bought it! Enough is enough Tahana. I want to have a really nice Christmas break with Achilles and head up to Townsville to see Ben's family so they can spend some time with Achilles so really want to save some money so we can do lots of fun things. SPENDING BAN STARTS NOW! And realistically should probably go until Christmas time.


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I have a little space at home I currently use as a dumping ground.. oops.. I mean dining room. HOWEVER, I plan to transform this in to a workout zone. Somewhere, in my home, solely dedicated to my health! Cannot wait to show you guys!


I have about three months to finish my course so I really need to get my shit together and finish it up! I need to finish eight assignments and do my practical component. I also need to source a PT who will help me with the prac! Wish me luck!

Nice simple month for me and will definitely keep going on the self love side of things but that is now an everyday thing and part of my life and not just an extra on a list of things to do! <3

What are your goals for September?

Keep smiling!

Tahana xo


  1. Good luck on your fitness journey! I need to go for a walk/run and work out more this month. The weather is so nice outside lately!

    Amy |

  2. I really admire your restraint with a spending ban! Good luck finishing your studies :)

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  3. I can't believe it is September! Where has the year gone?!?! Loving your goals this month, good luck with the study! I am almost finished my degree (YAY!!!) so my goals are just to finish my assignments before the end of the month haha

    Laura || xx

  4. ikr time flies!!! PS Good luck on your fitness journey!

    Wendy |

  5. Thank you for sharing this to-do list, Good Luck finishing your course.

  6. Great goals, and I think they'll both help with your end goal of getting fitter while also assisting with your studies. After you finish your work out area, can you do a bit of a tour. So curious to see how it turns out x

  7. These are some amazing goals girl and I know you will smash each of them! My goal for the month is to try and get myself a bit more organised with my blogging schedule and stop leaving everything until the last minute :) x

  8. I've got about 3 months left of my course too! Good luck with your studies! My goal is to make the most of uni as well! <3

    Rochelle ||

  9. I love your spending goals, I've spent a shit tonne of money recently so I can definitely relate! It's hard to save money as a student though!


  10. Sounds like you have some good goals set out, if you can carry them out then I'm sure you will reap the rewards! Good luck darl xx

    Kez |