Thursday, 10 August 2017

My NEW morning routine

Okay so realistically, how much longer can I use the "I'm tired" excuse for not getting up early and making the most of my day? Until I became a Mum, I NEVER snoozed, not one day in my whole life! My alarm went off and I was out of bed getting shit done. Now... I'll snooze ten times before I drag my lazy ass out of bed.


Time to make the most of my days! I could be having an extra two hours every single day to myself! Achilles is sleeping until 7 most mornings so if I get up at 5am, there is SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES! So let's do this! Here it is.. My new morning routine! 

0500 - WAKE THE F*&K UP! 

 Home workout 20-30 mins

Take selfie

Eat breakfast


Make up

Achilles time 

Coffee/ Work time

Pretty damn simple isn't it! I used to be so good at getting up at 5am and getting my day started. It will take a while to get used to it again but I know I can do it! 

What's your morning routine like?

Keep smiling
Tahana x

*images from Pinterest 


  1. So admirable getting up that early and also how much you get done! I need this magic motivation 😂
    Isabella |

  2. HA! I love that shark quote! Love your new motivation for mornings, you can do it!

    Kate |

  3. Hahaha I love your Step Brothers reference! I definitely need to take a leaf out of your book! Since I started freelancing I find myself sleeping until 8-9am some days! Granted I work until late but I need to create a more solid routine for myself and stop slipping into bad habits!

  4. Its all about routine. I'm sure you'll get back to your 5am starts. To be fair the cold weather and dark mornings don't help. Thank goodness its getting warmer and lighter so I think you'll be more motivated to wake up and seize the day!

  5. I love this post, i need to start working on my routine. I am just running around all day with back to back stuff and i only get some time to myself when my kids are off to bed. Getting up early is something i need to try and get started. Great inspiration thoughts!

  6. I love that!!! Mine is kind of: 6AM - GET UP! Do face as simple and quick as possibly, maybe have a bite to eat and then off to work by 7 😂

    Laura ||

  7. I like the sound of your morning routine. It's inspiring me to wake up earlier too :)

    Amy |

  8. Great routine. I am tired all the time in the morning cause my girl is going to sleep at 11 pm and is waking in night :(

  9. Love the "take selfie" part! Haha you're so good! I roll out of bed most days and my mind turns straight to all the things I have to do for work

  10. This is the perfect routine and I hope that with this routine, you will be able to make things perfect in your life. I hope that I will follow the same routine as yours.

  11. I've never been a morning person but I really would like to be so I could do my gym sessions in the morning and get them over and done with! I need to do this!!! This blog post is giving me motivation!!!

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