Thursday, 13 July 2017

Dear Australian Daycare Centres

Dear Australian Daycare Centres

Who the hell do you think you are?

You claim to have the interests of our children at heart yet you charge upwards of $100+ per day for your services.

Some of you even have a $50 application fee and I am sure there are others I haven't looked in to who's application fee is even more.

What is this application fee for? The inconvenience of going to the next person on your wait list should someone change their mind about attending your overpriced centre?

AND some of you have asked me for a $400 bond for my son to attend your centre. AND one of you even asked me for a $1500 bond...along with charging $136 per day (which I had come to terms with paying until you asked for a bond the size of a rental house bond).

I would love to know what you do with this "bond" money. Is this taken off me if my son rips a page on a book or slobbers on a toy and it needs to be replaced? Or is it just placed in to a high interest bank account so you can make even more money from families you are constantly ripping off?

One centre in Brisbane City (the one that asked for the $400 bond) used PAPER TOWEL as nappy wipes to clean the children... so where exactly is this money going if you're not even providing wipes to clean our children?

How can you claim to be all about children and their development and happiness when you are making their parents miserable, anxious and depressed trying to not only fund a daycare service for their children but attempt to get ahead in life while emptying our pockets to pay for your services.

Once the Child Care Benefit cap runs out, we pay $505 per week in daycare fees...and this is one of the cheaper centres I found that was still of exceptional safety and cleanliness standards.

$500! At the moment, we pay $450 per week in rent. We could literally rent a home and pay off a mortgage for the price we pay for care for our son.

Our centre recently increased the fees by $2 per day... which is an additional $650 per year per child at the centre. It may seem small but to them it's huge. Not to mention, at this same time, they switched to a cheaper brand of nappy (with NO communication to parents), so they're also saving money by doing that.  I have also noticed an increase in vegemite sandwiches being consumed by the children... even though they are NOT on the menu.

And don't even get me started on none of this money going to the staff to encourage them to better care for our children. Daycare fees go up... does their pay? NO.

My partner and I both work full time. After paying for daycare for our son, my partner earns $5.26 per hour. $5.26 per hour. Working his ass of for five days a week to try and support his family and that is what he gets in return because you believe money is more important than actually having the well being of families and their futures in your best interests.

Can you please explain to me how this is encouraging parents to return to the workforce?

I cannot comprehend the thoughts that go through the minds of daycare owners and the Government who condones this.

It is not good enough and it has to change.

I can honestly understand why so many parents stay home with their children..where is the incentive to go to work? $5.26 per hour?

When will our Government stand up for us and not these companies making millions?



  1. The daycare system is disgusting in Australia. There is pretty much no incentive for mothers to enter back into the workforce. A friend I used to work with (who was getting paid pretty decently) would only have net +$20 a week after she paid childcare. It's insane.

    Kate |

  2. Oh my god, this actually shits be beyond belief. We've already talked about what we're going to do, one of us will be staying home and finding a part time job we can do from home (both our industries will cater to this). It's just extortionate! Neither of us have our parents living close by so we won't be able to rely on them at all.

    It makes me so sad to see there is no incentive to earn money to pay someone else to raise our children.

    Maddie |