Monday, 31 July 2017

August to do list...

As most of you know, July wasn't the best month of my life. So I have decided to grab August by the balls and turn everything that's happened in to a positive.

At this stage, Ben will be having Achilles each Sunday. Whilst this breaks my heart I have to spend a whole day away from Achilles, I have to see it as a positive and I now have one whole day a week to do things for me. A whole day. So.. here is what I plan to do for August to get myself back in to thinking a bit more positively!



Ok first things first. Whilst I kind of have less support, this whole thing has made me realise how little I have actually done for myself over the past 16 months. And whilst it was all for my son, I need to start doing things I love again. I have still been paying for (and not using) my Goodlife gym membership. I have just discovered they have a creche on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons until 7pm. PERFECT. I will be there. I will also go Saturday mornings when the creche is open and now I have Sundays to go as well. I also recently purchased some Booty Bands from The Bod so I can do lots of home workouts as well.

Update: As per usual, I didn't go as often as I wanted to, mainly because of work. However, I did do a lot more home workouts and I'm currently setting up a whole space dedicated to working out at home! STAY TUNED!


My goal is to officially open my Personal Training business in January 2018. In order to do so, not only do I have to get my mind and body ready, but I also need to finish my study. I've been putting it off due to not having enough time.. but I now have nights pretty much free to myself so that will be something to focus on and keep my mind off certain other things.

Update: I DID SO WELL IN THIS! I completed one assignment and nine exams this month! GO ME! I have 8 asssignments left to go and then my practical component. I need to get this all done by December so wish me luck! 


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Everyone raves about it. And now I realise how damn important it is. I've been so hard on myself for so long. Time so show me some loving. Whether its through pampering, meditation, yoga, coffee, brunch with the girls, reading, I'll do it. I think I'll plan one thing per day just for me. Surely that will help my mental health!

Update: Another thing I kicked ass in this month. I can honestly say, treating myself better has done wonders for just everything in my life. Everything is pretty perfect right now! 


I recently spoke with a counsellor who reminded me that there are three pillars of health. Sleep, nutrition and exercise... now I'm certain there are more pillars than those but they are all important none the less. I haven't been eating anywhere near enough the past few weeks and I vow to change that and start feeding my body with everything it needs. I have considered going back to tracking my macros considering I am no longer pregnant or breastfeeding. Even if its just for a few months while I really concentrate on getting results and staying healthy and active.

Update: I did pretty well in this. I still had more treats than I should have but probably the best month I have had this year nutrition wise and it is really showing in my skin and how I feel! 

I am really determined to just have a great month! The more I look after myself, the better I can be for my son.. and that is super important!

What are your goals for August?! Let me know!

Keep smiling

Tahana xx 


  1. You can definitely do all of these things! To be honest, my goals are similar with study, gym and nutrition all being on my hit list as well! We can definitely motivate each other and I am always always here for you! Happy to do a night time session with you on Thursday as I was planning to go anyway! Just let me know xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  2. Perfectly achievable and smart goals! I've got similar things on my to do list as well, we can do it!

    Kate |

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