Monday, 5 June 2017

Why I joined F45

If you have been following my "postpartum" fitness journey for a while now, you will know I have struggled quite a bit to get my gym groove back. I say "postpartum" because I'm not sure if you can call it that after a certain point haha.

Pre and during pregnancy, gym was a huge part of my life.

Pre pregnancy, I was committed to a healthy lifestyle after being super unhealthy for a number of years and then I met Ben and we were long distance so I used the gym as a distraction and I was in there twice a day.

During pregnancy, Ben and I finally got to work out and share our passion for fitness together. We would go to the gym together every day (even Christmas).

Come 26 weeks pregnant and I'm in the gym taking it super easy because it was a super hot day. I don't actually even think I was training that day. But I started to lose my vision and I passed out. After Ben rushed me to the hospital the doctor advised me to stay away from the gym and focus on light exercise. Ben didn't let me set foot inside the gym after that whilst I was pregnant. He was really scared something would happen to me or the baby next time.

That was the worst thing that happened to me fitness wise. I lost all my strength from the two years of lifting weights, I lost all of my fitness and once I had Achilles, I just piled on the weight because I had lost all of my motivation.


1. The gym doesn't mean to me what it used to. Gym was my life. Now, my family is my life.
2. I no longer have the desire to spend hours in the gym but I kept thinking that's what I should be doing
3. Time with my son is my number one priority
4. I need something that burns bulk calories really fast
5. I need help with motivation
6. I need a supportive team environment

And that's where F45 comes in. I joined the team at KEPERRA which is the closest to where I live but I'm also confident it's one of the best. The team there is so friendly and supportive.

To be honest, if you told me a year ago, I would be joining a class based gym, I would have laughed at you. Before this, I hated the idea of classes, I loved doing my own thing. I was really stuck in my ways but to be honest with you, that is what has been holding me back the past year. Not trying something different when what I was doing wasn't working.

I LOVE F45. It ticks all of my needs. It's quick, results driven, bulk calories in a short amount of time, they're flexible with abilities (at the moment my strength at fitness levels are low so I have to do alternative moves for the ones I can't do), they have a creche, they have early morning and night classes, they have weekend classes, EVERY class I have done has been completely different which keeps it interesting and the owners are amazingly supportive and motivating.

I can see myself staying with F45 for a really long time. I really love the environment and whilst you're there for your own goals, it really feels like you're working as a team when everyone is there just trying to better themselves.
I was a little hesitant about joining at first but I signed up for their 7 day free trial which allowed me to give it a go without the commitment. I downloaded the app and "purchased" the free trial from there and booked in to the classes I wanted to do for the week from there (which is another function I love, being able to book in to the classes you want and know what you're doing for the week).

If you wanted a better option for a free trial, F45 Keperra are offering a special Winter Trial option where the 6:45am and 6:15pm classes are free for the next two weeks to new members. You will be able to book in to these timeslots over the next two weeks FOR FREE. If you want to do this option, don't purchase the one week free trial as this will void the Winter promo. If you need help using the app, feel free to contact Jacki who is the owner and will be more than willing to talk you through it. Her contact details can be found here.

Where is your local F45? If you don't know, you can look it up here.

Please let me know if you give it a go or you have before and let me know what you think!

It has really given me a different outlook about training and how I want to conduct myself as a trainer now. It has expanded my mind to other avenues and taught me that everyone is different and people and their preferences may change so we have to roll with that.

Keep smiling!

Tahana x


  1. A great run down and I am glad it's working so well for you! I know that these types of classes are so beneficial for young mums because 45mins in the morning and smash out a hard workout (with added support) is a great way to go! I used up my free trial and I did like it but I am still quite shy and prefer doing things on my own still haha. Though in saying that, I am doing pilates classes for the next two weeks so we will see!

    So glad you are finding your groove again <3

    Kate x |

  2. I loved F45 for the 6 months I did it! Unfortunately it had a negative side effect on my joints, I just need something a bit more paced. It's a shame because I love how much you can get out of 45 minutes!

    Isabella |

    1. Oh that's such a shame!! I am struggling a bit as I get started but I have been doing alternate exercises for the ones that are hurting my knees! Such a great workout isn't it! <3

  3. I actually sent them a email today! Bit pricy though

  4. Your priorities and time available definitely change post babies. F45 sounds like a good fitness option.


  5. Good on you girl!! I love the sound of F45! I feel like classes, though terrifying for me, would be a great motivation to actually be there and do it. I'll have to check out the new on that has opened up over the road from my partner!

    Laura || xx

  6. Congrats on joining and I really hope it's what you need to get on track and get your confidence back up! I've heard of F45 before and I must say that they look fantastic! Good luck Xx

    Kez |