Tuesday, 13 June 2017

8 Mums you MUST be following on Instagram

I'm pretty picky with my mummy bloggers mainly because some of them can come across like they're sharing their lives for all of the wrong reasons or they're just not relatable but these 10 lovely women are the most genuine you'll find on insta! They're all amazing, helpful, inspiring and have Instagram feeds full of real life mum moments mixed with those perfect instaworthy photos we all lust for!


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 Hands down my favourite feed on instagram. Whilst Steph's feed looks perfectly styled and put together, her insta stories are some of the most real and hilarious you'll ever watch. Steph is a gorgeous Mama to one year old Harper and is expecting baby number two in December 2017. Steph is such a beautiful soul and has actually become one of my good friends.. even though we have never met! Although of course we plan to!


Brittany is one of the most friendly people you'll ever meet. Although she is super shy in real life, she doesn't realise how amazing and inspiring she is to so many women... and it's why she has so many followers and they all love everything she posts. Her posts are from the heart and you can really feel that in her feed. She is such a busy woman but will always take the time to reply to her followers when they need her help! She has a gorgeous little toddler named Millie who is just so adorable and features in her workout videos and she owns multiple gyms around Aus. Brittany is also a Specialist trainer for women who are pregnant and post natal (and of course beyond). It's one of my goals to do a training session with Brittany sometime soon!


Amanda is gorgeous, fit, practically a chef and is such a gorgeous soul. From her feed you'll find so much positive energy and many adorable photos of her gorgeous little boy Leo. If you watch her stories, you'll learn a thing or two about cooking (she makes the most incredible food). And she lives in Adelaide so her stories are always full of beautiful places (like wineries - WOOO). She's also a bit of a makeup whiz! I could not recommend her feed more!


I think if there were a competition for "Nicest Person in the World" Alice would win hands down. She is just the most sweetest person you will ever come across. She's expecting baby number two pretty much any day now and is already a Mama to a gorgeous little boy, Cruz. I just love listening to Alice in her stories, she has such a kind heart and is always wanting to help people (she is a Nurse so it's obviously in her nature). I really enjoy watching Alice's life on instagram and I am sure you will too!


I've only been following Solonge for a few weeks now but I get such a positive, happy vibe from her page! It's really a "positive vibes only" page and I really love that!


Kirsty is now a mum of three beautiful little girls and writes the realist blog posts you'll ever read - most of them go viral. Her feed is just ultimate mum life!


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The most beautiful feed you ever did see! I have been following Kerrie for quite a while now and her feed is just perfect and full of super cute babies! Kerrie also does product reviews over on her website. You can tell just how much effort she puts in to every single photo she posts.


Brooke's feed is full of pure family life and I LOVE that! Brooke, like me is Brisbane based and she is a flight attendant (I used to be one!). SO we have a lot in common and should probably be friends! haha. She is a Mama to two gorgeous boys and loves a good pamper session! She is definitely worth checking out! 

And if you're not already following me, this is my page! Everything beauty, health, fitness and mum life <3

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Keep smiling!

Tahana x 


  1. I love mummy bloggers haha i find them so fun and interesting because I have NO idea :P

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. Haha you can really never know until you're in there and doing it. I thought I knew.. but I really really didn't haha <3

  2. This is so beautiful! Definitely have some new people to follow. Thanks so much for your kind words. You are on my top mummy bloggers list ��

    1. You are more than welcome! So glad I found your page!! <3

  3. I love justanothermummyblog. Steph is so sweet and I agree her Insta stories are so funny x

  4. I'm following a few of these, I'm not a mum so I don't necessarily look for the tips and that, but I love the cute photos of the bubs!

    Laura || www.thelifeoflaura.com.au xx

  5. All such inspiring women, even though I don't have kids I love following mama bloggers <3

    Kate | themintedblog.com

  6. Look at all these super mums!! Very inspiring :)
    Isabella | www.digyhu.com

  7. You all make motherhood look stylish! I want to jump on the bandwagon x

  8. I love that you're sharing the Instalove for other Mum bloggers. I follow a few, in the hopes that I'll be more prepared when the time comes for me! Haha

  9. I agree, a lot of "mummy bloggers" all mix into one for me. But these beautiful ladies sound amazing. Thanks for the recommendations.

    Bec | Beauty With Bec

  10. Great post! I love it when great creators help show love to other great creators!

    Rochelle || www.simplesocialsister.com

  11. Each of these ladies look so sweet! I'm super picky with mummy bloggers for the same reason!
    X Izzy

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  22. All moms are really loving and careful about there kid.

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