Friday, 12 May 2017

May to do list

This is super late but too be honest I still feel like I'm back in April...which was a super fail month goals wise by the way. I have updated my to do list from April with updates which you can read here.

I have super high hopes for May! Even though we are already 12 days in, I've been doing really well especially diet wise (with the exception of a few vegan brownies)...which is thanks to cutting out animal products. It's something I have been wanting to do for years now (four to be exact) and I'm so happy I finally took the steps because I just feel so much better about sticking to my morals and not giving in to just being like everyone else because it's easier. The rest of this story can go in another blog post but just wanted to give you all that little update. Tahana is now VEGAN. Wooo! <3

And here is the to do list for May 2017. Let's get this done.

Stick to my new morning routine

I will be posting about my new routine in a separate post once I have stuck to it for at least two weeks! This routine is to encourage me to start the day earlier and give myself a bit of me time in the mornings. Ben and I have been staying up quite late because we're hooked on Son's of Anarchy but I'm going to cut that out and go to bed earlier so I can wake up and workout!

Update: Hit and miss. I must admit, I've done the best I have in the last month for a long time! Very proud of myself!

Workout three times a week

Whilst my ultimate goal is four (three times during the week and once on the weekend), if I start at three, I can be a bit easier on myself if I have to miss one during the week. Achilles has his molar teeth coming through at the moment so sleep sometimes doesn't happen so there may be days I can't make it but I feel like three in seven days is pretty achievable!

Update: I actually think I did this every single week! WOOO go me! 

Go on a child free date

Ok so.. Ben and I FINALLY got a day together at the start of the week! Whilst we didn't actually go on a date which would still be super amazing, it was so nice to spend a whole day together and be able to focus on our relationship. I feel like its something every couple should do regularly and you really take it for granted before you have children. Now Ben's all decked out in fancy clothes, surely we can organise a nice dinner date!

Update: Nope.... Maybe June huh?

Drink more water

I have been super horrible with this lately. To the point where I'm just annoyed with myself. I was sick on Tuesday and stayed home and realised at the end of the day I didn't even have one glass of water. WHY??? Time to start taking my Big Bottle with me everywhere again!

Update: Have had my big bottle with me every day, whilst some days, I still don't do as well as I should, its getting better and my skin is thanking me for it!

What are you goals for May?! Let's hear them!!

Keep smiling!

T xx


  1. Great goals and well done going vegan! I've started exercising this month (for the first time in AGES) so I'm happy with that, but I need to up my water intake as well.

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. I love your list! I think everything is achievable! If you're interested in a new work out, I've been doing Kayla for a while and have seen really positive results x

  3. Good goals for May!

    My main goals are:
    Secure a second job
    Organise Uni before I start next month
    & Continue to save money for moving out!

    Have an excellent Mothers Day lovely

    Sammy | XX

  4. Congrats on becoming vegan!
    I completely hear you on the whole drinking water point, I'm completely hopeless, and even worse is that I'm consistently hopeless...

  5. I'm hooked on SOA too!!! Just started Season 7 and my goodness I've cried so much haha
    My goals are actually pretty similar this month, I always find myself re-setting these goals every month and struggling to stick to it :( Best of luck for this month girl!
    X Izzy

  6. Some great goals, here, babe!

    Congrats on becoming vegan, that's amazing!

    I need to drink more water too, failing miserably on that account.