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** Honest review - Bib and Spoon Baby Meals Delivered

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When I first heard about the existence of Bib and Spoon via @aliceinhealthyland on Instagram, I couldn't have been more excited. Since returning to work full time pretty much the second Achilles started on solids, I dreamed of a baby food delivery service here in Brisbane and now it's here!!

From their website 

Bib & Spoon has been developed by Brisbane locals Clare and Danny. It came about from a love of introducing fresh, healthy food to their twin girls, 1 year olds Olivia and Hannah. They soon discovered that there was no existing local service offering this organic and locally sourced fresh food for babies. After teaming up with a Dietician specialising in children’s nutrition, the dream soon became reality. They believe introducing locally grown, seasonal, organic and chemical free fruit and vegetables is the key to starting babies of on the right foot. This passion soon converted into chunky textured and toddler meals. Clare and Danny are so excited to share a love of creating delicious tasty meals that their daughters have sampled and approved!

The quality of our products stem from our passion for a fresh, healthy delicious alternative to commercially made baby food.
From the local, organic and chemical free produce we source, to our cooking processes we ensure your child gets a high quality product on their table.
Our meals contain no added sugar, preservatives, additives, thickeners or colours. It is as close to homemade as you will find.
The flavour and textures in our meals may change slightly from batch to batch depending on the seasonal produce. We believe eating produce that is seasonal provides our bodies with the tastiest, healthiest source of nutrition.
Our toddler meals are designed as a delicious balanced meal featuring organic and chemical free produce, grass fed/free range meats and GMO-free Australian grown grains. All our purees and meals are handmade by real people under a quality safety plan.

From me: 

For those of you who didn't know, after we stopped breastfeeding, Achilles developed a cows milk allergy so is unable to have dairy in his diet (looks like my breast milk was fighting the allergy for him - cue feeling guilty that we had to stop!).

When I contacted the team at Bib and Spoon to see if they could leave the dairy out of their meals, they kindly offered to send us a few of their meals to try out! Of course I accepted and one of the owners Danny, delivered us some meals that day and we got to trying them straight away.

We were sent the Apple & Cinnamon puree, Lentils, sweet potato and thyme puree, Chicken risotto and the Shell bolognese. You can check out their whole range here. 

*photo from the bib and spoon website - Chicken Minestrone which Achilles LOVES

The purees come in a sealed bag with individual frozen portions of the meal. All you have to do is heat them in the microwave or in a saucepan and voila, you have a beautifully tasting prepared meal. Achilles isn't completely past purees yet and he tends to play A LOT with his solids so to ensure he eats enough, most of the time I will top him up with puree anyway so these portion sizes are perfect for that! He is loving the apple and cinnamon for breakfast (I might even cook up some oats and mix them together and send it to day care for his breakfast there as well) and he has been having the lentils for lunch on the weekend when he's not at day care - I just mix in some additional vegetables, pasta or rice and some chicken.

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The toddler meals come in convenient microwaveable containers that are BPA free and freezer safe. They also arrive frozen and can stay in your freezer for a few months (they have an expiry date on them). I love this because it means I can have back ups for days I don't have time to cook or need something in a hurry. I can also send them to daycare to keep in the freezer for days I need to work back and he needs to have dinner there. 

Ok so I have a warning.. These meals are DELICIOUS! When Achilles was sick one weekend, I cooked him up the risotto and he was still refusing food so I MAY have eaten it all. I have since emailed them asking if they can bring out a "Mum and Bub" pack so we can enjoy the convenient yumminess as well! Hopefully they are in the process of making this happen haha. Until it does, I might start ordering a few extras for myself.

To be completely honest with you, Achilles is a pretty fussy eater. Whilst he eats everything, he would much rather play with his food, throw it on the ground or spit it back out than actually eat it. Before he got sick and I made him the bolognese, it was the most he had eaten in months. He ate the whole tub! And the next night, with the risotto, same thing. He really enjoyed them both and I plan on putting in another order to have these on hand when we need them. Most days, I don't get to pick Achilles up from day care until around 5:20 so we don't arrive home until 5:30pm which is when Achilles starts to get really hungry and whinging for food. Usually I have to give him something to snack on while I cook but with these meals, three minutes in the microwave and they are done! It's just so convenient and definitely alleviates the stress I would normally feel come dinner time.

The toddler meals are AUD $5.95 for one serve and the purees are AUD $9.95 for 7 servings (although Achilles needs two portions for his breakfast and dinner but if you're just starting with solids, one should be enough). This is such a small price for me to pay  for not only convenience but less stress and more time to spend with my little guy when we get home from work and daycare. 

Delivery is currently available in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. You can check out their FAQs here for more information on delivery times and costs and lots of other information about Bib and Spoon. The owners, Danny and Clare are just so lovely and helpful so if you have any other questions, I am sure they would be more than willing to help.

 Of course the best thing about Bib and Spoon is not only the fact that I get food prepared for me AND it gets delivered but the food is local and chemical free, it's 100% GMO free (not that I personally am against GMO foods but I know a lot of people are), they use grass fed and free range meats and they don't add any preservatives, sugar, thickeners, colours or additives. It's just great healthy food!
*Photo from the Bib and Spoon website

*Photo from the Bib and Spoon website - Mac & Cheese which of course, we can't have but I am sure it's tasty!

To get $20 off your first purchase, use the code THTM20

**food was kindly gifted to us for review however, as always, opinions are honest and my own. AND I have since placed an order for more which I paid for because they're DELICIOUS! #gifted


  1. That's so cool! I love that idea! And plus they look so damn Good! I'd eat them too haha

  2. So lovely that Bib and Spoon were so helpful! The honestly sound so genuine and caring!
    X Izzy

  3. This sounds amazing! Great for all working parents and its awesome that its actually quality food.

  4. What an awesome idea! I don't know much about toddler food but that also seems pretty inexpensive for the convenience. What a great option.

  5. I am really impressed by this brand! They really care about the food going into children. I know my sister would love this! Busy women on the go can always was do with a helping hand! Thanks for sharing x

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