Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Achilles turns ONE...(With Bubs Australia)

On April 11, our little man Achilles turned one! On April 9 we threw him a party with family and friends to celebrate. 

On my to do list for April which you can read here, one of the items was to successfully plan a first birthday party.

I feel like I failed and nothing turned out the way I wanted it to (I think I blame Pinterest for my high expectations) but all I know is Achilles had the best time and had a constant smile on his face the whole time and that's all that really matters. That in itself is a success.

I started my mood board on Pinterest MONTHS ago and decided on a Mickey Mouse theme pretty early on as that is the main theme of his nursery and he was obsessed with his Mickey Mouse mobile from really early on so it seemed fitting.

You can see my mood board below.

Right form the start I knew I wanted to keep things pretty simple and not go too over board mainly because I got a quote for a few things that were RIDICULOUSLY expensive. For example, I got a $900 quote for a grazing table and was quoted $132 for five balloons and $405 to hire a ball pit. Honestly I would rather put that money away for him later in life. I'm not out to judge anyone that does spend a lot on parties but personally I would rather my money go to things that he can keep forever or can help him later in life (pay for uni, car etc.).
I think the thing I spent the most money on was his outfit which I got from Etsy. It is the most adorable thing I have ever seen and I used bits of it for both his party and his cake smash photos which you can see here.  It was $135 but included the onesie, the shoes, bow tie, suspenders, leg warmers and mickey mouse ears and the onesie was hand stitched and personalised by a lady in Perth. Whilst I'm not 100% impressed with the quality of the material, I still love it and look how good it looks!

I ordered two GIANT balloons, one 1 and one A. I adored them and they were a must have! The rest we bought cheap and blew up ourselves with the exception of the mickey head features which my mum bought and made. I had my heart set out on a much more extravagant photo wall but it just wouldn't work for me but I am pretty happy with how it turned out in the photos!

I bought printables from Etsy for the name flags and to decorate his high chair with and just added some streamers for extras.

Food, again I kept it pretty simple with sandwiches as the main dish and a few party pies and sausage rolls on the table as well because what is a party without them?!

My best friend Jess and her mum (who made the cake for my baby shower which you can read about here ) also were kind enough to offer to make Achilles' birthday cake as well and they did such an amazing job! I wanted something different and that's exactly what I got! I haven't even seen another cake like it, even in the Pinterest world! Look how incredible it is and it tasted better than it looks.

My mum also made these amazing Mickey mouse cookies using a cookie cutter. They tasted so good and I am still eating the leftovers!

We had such a fun day celebrating our little mans birthday with all of his favourite people! He got so many wonderful and special gifts If you would like me to share them with you all, let me know and I can do another post or maybe even a video showing you what he got. 

Two days before Achilles party, we were contacted by the lovely team over at Bubs Australia who wanted to send a gift for Achilles and all of his friends for his party! They sent a tonne of baby food for them all to enjoy. Being able to provide our baby guests with some delicious, organic food that also has no added sugar or salt, is preservative and thickener free that are also made in Australia was such a good feeling! Bubs also sent a photographer along to snap photos of the day so we were able to keep the memories of the party forever so we didn't have to worry about snapping away the whole time and we could just enjoy ourselves. We are so incredibly thankful and grateful to Bubs for organising this for us!  Here are some of our favourite photos from the day!

Keep smiling!
Tahana x

**The food pouches and photographer were kindly gifted to us by Bubs Australia however, we were already lovers of Bubs food and formula so nothing has changed our opinion of them. All opinions are, as always, honest and completely my own #gifted 


  1. Tahana, what a stunning party, you Pinterest Queen. I think it turned out absolutely amazing - you should be really proud and Achilles looks like he enjoyed it completely!

    Maddie |

  2. Aww, such a great looking party, I love the Micky Mouse theme, Achilles looks so happy, well done!
    Sending my best wishes to Achilles for his birthday xx

    Kez |