Thursday, 13 April 2017

Achilles' Cake Smash Photos - One Moment One Time Photography

 When Achilles was born, Ben and I still weren't in an amazing place financially. After leaving the Army through medical discharge when I was just 8 weeks pregnant, Ben found it really hard to find a job he could perform with his medical conditions (the worse knees ever!). So we couldn't afford a newborn photo shoot even though it was something I dreamed of having, we just couldn't afford it.

Fast forward to Achilles turning one and we are doing much better so I wanted to capture as many special moments of his first birthday as I could and I was DYING for him to do a cake smash shoot. After weeks of research I decided to go with One Moment One Time Photography who are based in west Brisbane - you can find them on Facebook HERE. Tanya's work looked incredible and I was confident she would capture Achilles' happy nature perfectly. I wasn't wrong. I couldn't be more happy with how they turned out. I wasn't going to do a blog post but they're all just so perfect and rather than flood my Instagram and Facebook pages with the photos, here they can all be in the one spot.

Enjoy the cuteness!!! <3

This amazingly beautiful cake was made by my best friend's mother who is so talented. She has now made all of Achilles' three cakes - baby shower, cake smash and birthday! <3

My favourite



  1. Oh my gossh, I just melted and my ovaries went crazy! He's such a cute little thing - I love the one below what you called your favourite, where he looks so cheeky and naughty! Bless his little soul.

    Ebony |

  2. What an adorable and happy little boy he is! Xx

    Kez |

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