Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Life In... January

What a messy crazy month!

It started with flying back to Brisbane from Townsville on the very first day of January which now seems like at least three months ago even though it was a mere 30 days! I think I mentioned last month that Achilles was such a good flyer! He slept the whole way home!

We've house hunted for weeks, stressed over rental applications, looked for suitable day cares, found an amazing house, moved house, Achilles has started Day Care and whatever else happened just seemed like a complete blur so as usual, to the camera roll I go to remember exactly what happened this January.
He is just adorable and getting so big!

We got to catch up with the gorgeous Courtney and her gorgeous little man, Eli at GOMA for their 10th anniversary exhibition which was beyond amazing and even the boys were able to enjoy it despite being so young!

He is such an outdoor person... if he is outside, he is happy
 As usual, I exercised way less than I wanted to but still got in a few good sessions and of course one with the amazing Kate from @lovetoliftforlife on instagram.

Achilles is going through some form of leap/ sleep regression/ growth spurt and maybe all of those at the same time. He is waking every two hours every single night and will always feed every time he wakes. I'm one tired mumma but as always powering through.

I got invited by the lovely Lucia from @the_thriving_elephant on instagram to join her in a photoshoot for a news paper article all about her Babes + Picnics initiative she started last year.
Remember, if you want to find your local picnic, follow them on instagram at @babesandpicnics , you wont be disappointed!

We also attended my cousin's son's first birthday party and it was the first party Achilles has attended where he is old enough to semi participate. He loved it and even ate a little icing (I did not let him, he stole this icing off a two year old's cup cake and shoved it in his face hahahaha). It was one of the best things I had ever seen hahaha.

Last weekend we moved house and I haven't felt this happy in a while. It's amazing how much the place you live can have an impact on your mental health. We are so DONE with apartments. We now live in a gorgeous, big, bush surrounded house and I LOVE it! We have our very own possum, kookaburras appear every morning and we are surrounded by birds! I never want to leave haha.
I got flowers haha riding a bike is no longer an excuse

Face mask life

I have also started planning Achilles' first birthday party which is now just over two months away.... yep... in just over two months he will be one. It's just crazy. He really has made the last 10 months amazing in every day.

Until next month...

Keep smiling!

Tahana xo


  1. So happy for you! It sounds like a fun month, and it's fantastic that you are so in love with you new place! Xx

    Kez |

  2. I can't believe you are planning for Achilles' first birthday party! That has flown by! It looks like you had an amazing month. I know moving house can be so stressful! So very stressful, but it sounds like all the hard work was worth it. I will have to come visit you at the new place soon!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats