Sunday, 1 January 2017

10 Healthy habits for 2017

Every year we all set new years resolutions and more often than not, we don't stick to the plans we make because we make unrealistic, huge goals that aren't obtainable in a short period of time. Like I always say, healthy is a lifestyle, its not a diet you go on for six weeks expecting to have your goal body. I've come up with 10 simple healthy habits for us to incorporate in 2017 to not only help with physical health but mental health too.

Start a gratitude journal 

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It is SO easy to get caught up in all the negativity in the world and not realise how much this actually impacts your mood on a daily basis. Take it back to the good things in your life, the things you're most grateful for and write them down everyday. Whether it's your family, your job, your friends, the gorgeous tree you see on the way to work, anything, if it makes you happy, write it down!

Exercise every day 


I know I said these would be realistic but bear with me. Even if it is for FIVE minutes, exercise, get moving. Even if you do ten squats before you jump in to bed or go for a walk to the end of your street, if that's all you have time for at the end of the day, do it! 

Get a monthly massage

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Did you know that the Sage Institute of massage offer $25 ONE HOUR student massages? Me either until about a month ago! I booked in earlier in the month and it was the most relaxing one hour I have had in a very long time. Nothing to worry or think about for an entire hour, just enjoying the massage. Here is the link to book yours in. They have clinics in Brisbane, Melbourne, Elsternwick and Oakleigh. I'm not associated with Sage in any way, I just thought I would share!

Start your day with a healthy smoothie

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This is something I have been meaning to do for so long! I feel like a smoothie packed with healthy greens is such a great way to start the day and why not commit to starting every day the best way I can? Find your favourite recipe and have it for a week and then mix it up every few weeks with a different ones. There are so many recipes, you really wouldn't have to have the same one more than two days in a row. Here is a link to all the green smoothie recipes on Pinterest. Which one takes your fancy?

Spend more time alone 

This is something that I definitely took for granted before we had a baby. I think it's important to spend time alone to reflect on life, where you're heading and to refocus. Even if it's ten minutes a day or half an hour on a weekend, make time for you, to be with you!

Eat more and make it healthy

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This one is for me just as much as it it's for you. I've found myself lacking time and putting my nutrition on the back burner and skipping meals. This isn't good enough. Our health is our number one priority and there should be no exception. Take care of yourself. The best way to do this is give  your body everything it needs through healthy, wholesome foods, and if needed some vitamin supplements as well. It's not hard to take care of yourself, I think sometimes we just tell ourselves it takes too much time so it gets pushed to the bottom of the list. NO MORE. Eat and eat well, lots and make it great for you and your body. Your skin will thank you too!

Measure don't weigh 

Time to ditch the scales. Sure, weigh yourself at the start of the year and when you're happy with the way you feel, weigh yourself again but don't let the scales discourage you along the way. I always say the number on the scale is often not a true representation of your results. Taking measurements of your body and noticing how your clothes fit better and more importantly, how you FEEL are much better indications of how you're doing!

Drink more water

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 This one is a habit everyone should already have but sometimes it's not as easy as it should be.
I carry this bottle (Mine is pink and they're in stock!) with me everywhere now to make sure I at least have 2L of water each day. I try to fill it up again and at least have half more to hit the 3L mark and then any glasses I have at home are just bonus and bonus water is the best kind of bonus for your body - especially if you're working out!

Plan your meals

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Now, lately, we are not really in to food prepping as we prefer our food to be fresh and making 20 minutes of time to make our food each night is easier than forcing ourselves to eat something that doesn't taste the best is just so much more worth it. BUT it is important to know what you're eating on any given day, especially if you have goals to achieve. Whether you want to plan the week before, or the night before, as long as you know what you're going to have and when, it will make it easier to stick to your plan and you'll be smashing your goals in no time!

Stop drinking soft drink

So, this one is more about breaking a habit but this really needs to stop. Soft drink, fruit juice and most ready made drinks are not doing you and your body any good at all. They are full of calories and full of sugar. Diet soft drink is full of artificial sweetners which are said to not only cause depression but also stimulate your appetite so they'll have you eating more too.
Your body doesn't need to be filled full of sugar and these empty calories aren't helping you achieve anything you want to achieve... unless you want to be unhealthy? Kate from The Minted Blog wrote a a post about how she gave up soft drink which you can read here. I can't really tell you from my perspective how I did it because I just stopped one day and never drank it again (except very rare occasions).

So there you go, ten simple habits to start in the New Year that will help you feel so much better about the year to come!

Tell me your goals for 2017 in the comments, I would love to hear! AND if you need help achieving them, make sure you're a part of our Talk Healthy To Me Facebook group which you can join here !

Keep smiling




  1. My goals are to loose the last 10-15kgs, tone up and get more muscle, build a booty, learn to know my self worth, spend more time off my phone, time manage better, spend more time outdoors and save!

  2. These all sound like really good achievable daily goals!

  3. Great tips Tahana! And thank you for the shout out :D I had a few soft drinks over the festive season but I am back on board with not drinking them (funnily enough, I can no longer stomach Coke which used to be my favourite!) I definitely need to be more active everyday, I like your idea of doing at least something everyday :) Great post all round <3

    Kate |

  4. Measure don't weigh is a huge one for me at the moment. I've been stagnant with weight loss for a few months but my stomach is looking flatter so I'm going to take my measurements down today and really focus on the cm's moving rather then kgs!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  5. Wow I really love all of these resolutions and they are all ones I am working towards this year, especially measuring instead of weighing as well as planning meals and exercising each day. We can definitely do these if we support each other!!! Love you lots!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  6. Great tips, Tahana! I definitely need to drink more water and less coffee! x

  7. Really realistic tips Tahana! I really want to get into regular walks with my dog, we live in a really hilly area and I used to be really good at it when I worked at my old job where I left on time every day. Now that I end up staying later and later, we've only been playing fetch with Ruby to wear her out. Great for her - not great for us!!

    I would say I'm pretty good at just drinking water, as I rarely buy softdrink or juice for myself at home and I'd rather focus on the food or have wine when I'm out. I would like to be less lazy, and more prepared in terms of cooking though. I'm fairly good with making sure I've got a lunchbox everyday but for dinner we often just buy fast food when we're tired.

    Maddie |

  8. Ever since i got into fitness I never did the whole checking my weight on scales as i find that your actual weight is a number, how you physically appear doesn't always reflect that number. I definitely want to improve my eating, i never went on diets even though i've been excercising for over two years i always try to eat in moderation and watch what I eat.

    You should try the app 'Life sum' it makes watching what you eat super easy and you write down the excercise you've done that day. I find that app so helpful.

  9. love love love loooove this! I love how they are very attainable and not far-fetched. My main goal is to drink more water and kick Soft Drink OUT of my diet!


    Tash /

  10. These are such great tips. I definitely need to look into the $25 massages. Drinking water instead of soft drink is the best advice too. I've always preferred water - soft drink has so many calories and sugar it's insane!

    Rosy Disposition | Rosy Disposition

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