Thursday, 8 December 2016

Life in... November

This is the first you've heard from me in a while! And the reason is that November was filled with sleepless nights! Little man is teething like no tomorrow and he just can't deal with the pain during the night. Before I get in to what else we got up to whilst not sleeping, if any Mummas have any tips to help, I would love to hear in the comments!

November seemed like it went forever! I've just gone through my camera roll to find photos for the post and I feel like the photos from the start of the month were taken months ago, not just five weeks! I guess that fact I barely slept the entire month made it drag out a little!

The month was filled with PT sessions with Lauren from Mad Max Mum (you can check out all of our workout videos on my @talkhealhtytome instagram feed!), park walks and workouts, events and of course, Sundays with Ben! Ben's Dad got to visit again this month which was nice.

November was such a big month for Achilles! He is now full on crawling - HE IS SO FAST! He is also now standing and walking with his little toy walker!  He can now say BOOK and working on a number of other words that I can't figure out yet. He barely sits still. He is such an inqusitive soul, always having to look at EVERYTHING. Even though he isn't sleeping, he is still very happy and active during the day... and until at least 8-9pm everynight... and even then I struggle to get him to sleep. He also went to the pool for the first time and we thought he would love it given how much he loves the water at home but he wasn't the biggest fan but I am going to put that down to the fact it was a really hot day and the water was freezing. I think next time we will take him to the heated pool!

At the start of the month, Achilles and I attended a catch up with some other Mummies from Virgin Australia (past and present). I worked for Virgin back in 2007-2009 so it was really nice to catch up with some beautiful ladies I hadn't seen in years and their gorgeous little bubbas!

Achilles also came along with me to a Bloggers United Australia X Evolve Medispa event in New Farm to celebrate the launch of their salon. It's such a beautiful salon and the staff are so knowledgeable! I cannot wait to book in my first treatment there!

I was lucky enough to be asked to collaborate with Laser Clinics Australia and I went in for an Ageless Peel which has left my skin feeling AMAZING!! It has never felt so smooth. They recommend getting one every six weeks so I definitely want to keep it up if this is how good my skin will stay!

When I say it was a big event month, I wasn't lying. Dani and Kate from the Obsession crew organised a Christmas event for Brisbane Beauty Bloggers in Hamilton at the Northshore Harbour Cafe. What a gorgeous day catching up with my favourite bloggers, sharing gifts, food and catch ups!

So far, December is shaping up to be another sleepless month but hey, at least its the holidays, my birthday, Christmas, family time, trip to Townsville and two weeks off work!

I hope you all have a divine December! Keep an eye out for my Christmas gift guides coming out this week!

Keep smiling!

Tahana x


  1. You may have had a tired November, but at least it looks like you and Achilles had a happy November too, so many smiles! Xx

    Kez |

  2. My gosh Achilles is too damn cute! So many of these photos are familiar to me because I have you everywhere and I can't get over how beautiful he is hahaha x

    Katina Lindaa |

  3. Gorgeous photos Hun, Achilles is getting so big now I cannot believe how quick time is going! I hope you get some more sleep soon lovely xx

    Nicole |

  4. No Way! Achilles even has a hat with his name on it! That is too cute to handle

    A Pair of Ones | Bloglovin

  5. He is too adorable! It's good that you are still able to squeeze in some active time even with your little one!

    Abby of My Hair Care