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Following on from my '10 Australian Beauty Bloggers You MUST be Following on Instagram' I thought I would share with you my other favourite type of account to follow, FIT MUMS!

I've actually been following most of these women since before I was even pregnant and they've inspired me through my whole journey to healthy.

They are each inspiring and amazing in their own ways. They are all so different yet are all inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We need more of these types of women in the world.

It is my goal one day to be at a stage in my career where I get to be like them, where I get to make a difference in the world and make everyone healthier and happier every single day.

Sophie Guidolin

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I've been following Sophie since 2013 when I saw her in a news article and I screen shotted a photo of her because she was BROW GOALS! Little did I know, after immediately following her on instagram, she would be one of my biggest inspirations to be fit and healthy. Sophie is now a Mum of four after having twins late last year. Sophie is the biggest proof that leading a healthy and active pregnancy is not only important but a very realistic goal (provided you don't have any medical complications like I did later on in my pregnancy). She is what kept me active during most of my pregnancy. If a mother carrying twins could exercise, then I could too... and I wanted to because of Sophie and it felt so good! Sophie is the author of three amazing recipe books to help busy people come up with healthy and easy meal plans each week. I can not thank Sophie enough for all of the content she provides me and her other followers with each day via snapchat (sophie_guidolin), instagram, her blog, YouTube and Instagram. The time and effort Sophie puts in to helping other people is just incredible.

Revie Jane

Revie and her adorable daughter Lexi are sure to brighten anyone's day through their gorgeous snap chats (reviejane). Revie, like most of the women on this list copped SO MUCH crap from judgemental, uneducated trolls for exercising during her pregnancy with people telling her she would have an unhealthy, small, premature baby. Well she proved everyone wrong by going (I believe) eleven days over her due date and giving birth to a healthy 9.9lbs baby girl. Revie just radiates happiness and is so honest and real with her followers (yeah you'll see vomit, Lexi pulling her hair and the occasional new mum break down) which I love. Even though I don't know her personally, it feels great to have someone going through a similar journey as me (Lexi & Achilles are about a week a part). Revie is the ultimate happy, healthy Mummy!

Chontel Duncan

 The ULTIMATE Mummy fitspo. I had the pleasure of not only meeting Chontel over the weekend but experiencing one of her HIIT workouts! To say that it was challenging would be an understatement. Chontel shares SO much of her personal life with her followers along with multiple workouts, Q&As with her nutrition expert/ DJ husband and of course, adorable snaps of her gorgeous little man Jeremiah. Can you believe Chontel gave birth just two weeks before me (six months ago). Honestly could not feel more motivated after meeting and working out with Chontel. She is always encouraging her followers to look after themselves and to put themselves as number one (something I think most new mums struggle with - myself included). Chontel is so full of life and ALWAYS smiling. She also cops her fair share of troll hate but I honestly don't think she lets it get to her at all. Her attitude is very "you do you boo" and I am so happy to have such a confident and motivating fellow Mummy to inspire me.

Lauren Kate or MadMaxMum

 The woman who has made me cry on more than one occasion through her blog posts. Lauren is such a fighter and a great inspiration to women around Australia and the world that sometimes you have to struggle and have it tough for a while before it all falls in to place. I love how honest Lauren is with us all about the struggles she has faced. Lauren is now a qualified personal trainer and is running regular bootcamps in Brisbane! Lauren's two gorgeous children often feature in her snaps and instagram photos and they are so cheeky and cute. I honestly could not recommend Lauren's blog enough. To be able to make some one you don't even know on a personal level, cry from reading your words, to me is just so incredible. To be able to convey that much emotion through your leaves me speechless.

Steph Fit Mum

If there is anyone who lives up to having the word 'fit' in their instagram name, it's Steph! I've been following Steph since I started my 'Talkhealthytome' instagram back in 2014. You guys will know I LOVE lifting weights and Steph has inspired me to be strong since day one! I just love how confident she is and how she strives to be stronger and stronger. She is muscle goals and a half!


Mel is a mum of two and she is the most adorably sweet person you'll follow on instagram. If you're looking for meal inspiration, she is your go to Mumma! Mel and I have been following eachother since we were pregnant at the same time and motivating and encouraging eachother and discussing pregnancy, workouts and meal ideas. Mel will often post workout videos (she does all her workouts from home) and you'll often see guest appearences from her gorgeous babies - her little man even joins in which is obviously the most adorable thing in the world!

Alice In Healthy Land

Alice is my go to food inpo Mumma. She knows a thing or two about healthy, yummy food. She keeps it real with her photos and is a fellow coffee loverrr! Her son is absolutely gorgeous and I just LOVE her #mumlife moments!! 

These are the seven fit mummas I have been following for a long time and have each inspired me in their own way by sharing their lives with the world.

I wanted to get some more  fitmumspo so I did a little asking around and some research and have found three more fit & healthy mummas to inspire me AND you!

Justanothermummyblog - Steph

How cute are these two! I just LOVE Steph's page! It is the perfect mix of fitspo, mumspo, healthyspo, foodspo and all the lifespo you need really! Even a little beautyspo in there as well, CHECK OUT HER BROWS OMG! I am so glad to have found Steph's page and her blog is amazing and super helpful as well!

Fasionable_FitMum - Brittany

Such a gorgeous, healthy, bright feed! Brittany is definitely fashionable and she is DEFINITELY fit! And her daughter is ADORABLE! I definitlely cannot see any regrets following this feed! Brittany is also a pre and post partum specialist trainer so you know she knows her fitmumma stuff!!


Fasion, fitness, FOOD and babies! Everything you need in an instagram feed. Emma is GORGEOUS and has abs to die for! It also appears Emma is a bit of a food prep guru so if you're in need of some meal prep inspo, she's your girl!

If you guys also want to check out my fitness account this is me! I'm not quite up to these amazing women.. but it is my goal to be half as inspirational as them

Who are your favourite fit mummas to follow?!

Keep smiling

Tahana xo


  1. Whoa, I'm feeling just a little lazy (ashamed) over here, not nearly that fit, and not a mumma, whats my excuse?!

    Kez |

  2. These women are such a huge inspiration! I'm not a mum but I love watching/following fit mums. Idk why :P (PS you're my favourite fit mumma T!)

    Kate |

  3. I need to get my butt in shape! This makes me feel depressed and inspired at the same time!

    Jacquelyn | hey there jacquelyn

  4. I have been looking for some fit mamas to follow thanks so much for posting babe!

    Bec |

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