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The Five Minute Invisible face mask

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Cosmetiques De France boasts three of the best skin care ranges in the world having Bioderma, Nuxe and Uriage in their brand portfolio.

I am in love with all three brands but if I had to pick a favourite, it would definitely be Uriage! My all time favourite product of theirs is the Thermal Micellar Facial Wipes. They're your trusty Micellar water in wipe form. I know wipes aren't particularly good for your skin but these ones are super gentle and hydrating and I only use them if I'm in a rush or don't have access to some micellar water.

I was recently asked to choose a product from the Uriage line to try out and the Aquaprecis Mask* really appealed to me! Suited to all skin types with the promise to moisturise the skin and promote radiance, it seemed perfect for me and well.. it is!

From Uriage:


The Aquaprecis Mask is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. The mask intensely moisturises the skin, aids in relaxing facial contours and contributes to boosting skin radiance.
Its gourm and gel texture and its lagoon blue colour will offer a real sense of well-being. As will as all Aquaprecis products, the mask relies on the H2O Technology, which capitalises on "osmolytes" to perfectly hydrate the skin, provide an immediate refreshing sensation and leaves the skin moisturised during the day.
Perfectly hydrated, the skin is also protected against environmental aggressions thanks to an anti-pollution shield that maintains a fresh and luminous complexion.

From Me:

First of all I LOVE that it is invisible! Whilst it comes out blue from the tube, it is translucent on the skin. We are all used to face masks looking like these below...

Enter this guy and you're looking like this while your skin is being filled with hydrating amazingness! Click Play!

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The scent is subtle and a tad sweet and the texture is thinner than the typical face mask but you can still feel it on your skin. It doesn't dry hard or flakey, it sits on your face like a intensely thick moisturiser and slowly soaks in to the skin.

My second favourite thing about the mask is you only have to leave it on for FIVE minutes! So perfect for such a busy life!

It is filled with Uriage's H2O complex which is made up of mineral and organic osmolytes (Uriage Thermal Water and amino acid), anti-pollution ingredient and hyaluronic acid (the HG ingredient you definitely WANT in your skin care!).

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has normal to dry skin or anyone who wants to put a little more glow in their skin - which I am sure is everyone now that Winter is over!

You can purchase the mask online here for RRP $39.99 OR your local Priceline MAY stock it. I know some Pricelines have only a select few Uriage products. I am waiting for the day the wipes arrive in Priceline! 
*Product was kindly gifted to Tahana Lee for consideration however opinions are true and her own

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  1. This mask sounds so good! It would be a great one to pop on for long haul flights because it would hydrate but other passengers wouldn't look at you like you have a million heads like if you put on a sheet mask or something else that is really noticeable! Great post! I will have to try this baby.

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats