Monday, 4 July 2016

REVIEWED: Mia Hoyto Skin Care

I've decided I am going to go on a skin care review rampage! I have tried so many over the last six months and rather than just including some of the products in favourites or empty posts, I thought I would review entire ranges individually to help you decide which lines may be suited to you.

Whilst I have normal-dry skin. My partner Ben also uses the same skin care as I do and he has slightly oily and acne prone skin so we can give some thoughts from both sides.

Mia Hoyto would have to be in my top two ranges I have tried so far this year. It is such a luxurious brand and the products are incredible.

They are exclusively available in Australia through Natural Supply Co. I was sent three of their products and I have since repurchased the Multivitamin Oil Serum which you will read about below. It's actually not often I will repurchase a product whether I bought it or was sent it for consideration given how many products I need to try out so it says a lot about a product when I do!

Natural Supply Co is Australia's site for luxe natural and organic products. The store is run by three aussie mums who have strict criteria for brands who wish to be stocked on their site. The products must harness the power of natural ingredients, they must be cruelty free and only tested on humans and the manufacturing and packaging process must be environmentally conscious. I can see why Mia Hoyto fits perfectly with their vision. No sacrifice for luxury, the products work and they're natural and cruelty free.

Step one in this routine is the Kaunis Facial Cleansing Gel*. Kaunis is actually Finnish for beautiful. It's quite a gentle cleanser in the form of a clear gel. Although gentle, it removes all traces of make up on my face (with a double cleanse of course). I love how fresh this leaves my face feeling! I was gifted the 30ml size and even with Ben using it, the tube lasted just over four weeks. You only need the tiniest bit to get amazing results as it does have a slight foam and a little bit will clean your entire face and neck. Whilst this cleanser was amazing for my normal to dry skin, it's not really targeted to help treat acne. Ben said he loved that his skin felt more moisturised but he needs something a little stronger . The 30ml size retails for AUD$28 and if you're just using it alone, should last you almost two months so that price is super affordable.

Now on to my favourite! The Mia Hoyto Lempea Uni Intense Repair Skin Therapy Multivitamin Oil Serum*. A very long name but it more than deserves a title like that! Probably my favourite product of the year so far but I honestly can't see anything else beating it! It contains a lot of vitamins A, B, C & E which are all AMAZING for the skin so you can imagine when an oil is combined with all four, it's almost guaranteed to be amazing! I have noticed my complexion is so much brighter and smooth! I probably use a little more than I should but I just love the way it makes my skin feel. It's so hydrating and intense! It's like a nightly treatment for my skin. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to start using anti ageing skin care (it's never too early, or too late!) or anyone with dry skin. This would be perfect for Winter to keep the skin soft and nourished! This Multivitamin Oil retails for AUD$109 which may sound a little pricey but the results pay for it in my opinion and I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out again. The first bottle lasted 8 weeks and that is using much more than I should (five small pumps when it says a few drops.... oops). I will try to use a little less this time but at this time of year when my skin is getting even more dry, it needs the intense treatment. Oh there was no way I was letting Ben near this one, I kept it all to myself!

The last step  in this routine is the amazing Mia Hoyto Unilama Intensive Moisturising Cream*. I'm going to go ahead and say this will feature in my Top Five Moisturisers of all time. I only used this during the day as the Multivitamin Oil was enough for me at night time. Surprisingly the 15ml bottle I was sent lasted me over a month. It's such a thick formula but at the same time, feels so thin once applied to the skin and a tiny pea size will suffice for entire facial moisturisation. Unilama is Finnish for daydream, just want your skin to look like and this moisturiser will definitely help you get there. I love the formula and I love how it feels on the skin. It absorbs so quickly and doesn't have any affect on make up application which is of course a must in any cream. I think this moisturiser is great for dry skin but would be suited to all skin types as it didn't give Ben any extra oil but helped to keep his skin hydrated. This 15ml bottle retails for AUD$45.

As you can probably tell, I am now in love with Mia Hoyto skin care! I can't wait to try more products from their range and discover some new favourites. If you can only get one product, I definitely suggest the Multivitamin Oil Serum. You won't regret it!

Keep smiling

Tahana xo

*products were kindly gifted to Tahana for consideration however opinions are true and her own


  1. This skincare sounds amazing!!! I have way too much to justify buying any new skincare at the moment but I am going to save this post to refer back to it! I laughed so much that you wouldn't even let Ben try the oil! Hands off!!! I struggle to get Michael to even wear moisturiser or sunscreen and he has perfect skin. Life isn't fair!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  2. Oh and like that I am totally sold on the serum, I NEED to add it to my routine!!!
    The entire range sounds super luxe and amazing for the skin!

    Shannon xx

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  6. I love Mia Höytö products! My favorite is Lumous -serum. I have oily skin and it's great since it's very lightweight. :)

    x Charlotta Eve