Tuesday, 7 June 2016

May Favourites

 This should really be called my May NON BABY related favourites because if I am honest, this month my favourites have been my breastfeeding pillow, my nipple cream (oh screw it, I threw it in here anyway), my Baby Bjorn baby carrier and fruit toast (breast feeding cravings are worse than  pregnancy cravings I swear!). I rarely wear make up at the moment but I've been trying out a few new products when I do and as always, I'm trying new skin care and I have a few products I have fallen in love with.

Here they are!

Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream

I could actually kiss Shannon Gibb for introducing this in to my life! It has been my absolute life saver this month! Not only has it helped my poor nipples (TMI sorry but breastfeeding is HARD and painful at times!) but it is also AMAZING on the lips. SO much better than Paw Paw Ointment so next time you're in the market for something to help your lips, pick up this baby instead. I got mine from Chemist Warehouse but most chemists stock it.

LUSH Cosmetics - The Comforter Shower Cream RRP from AUD$10.50 for 100g

Better than Snow Fairy?! I actually think so! It's sweet like Snow Fairy but a little more modest which I love. Such a thick luxurious formula. It really is like a big fat hug in the shower! I just looked on the website and am happy to say it is NOT limited edition like Snow Fairy AND it also comes in a bubble bar which I will definitely be picking up next time I'm at LUSH (which let's be honest will now be tomorrow!). Huge thank you to Kate and Dani for gifting me this as a "Congratulations, you had a baby" present!

Brazilian Beauty Peptide Infusion Facial RRP from AUD$149*

I have a full review of this facial here but OMG if I could have one of these every week, I would. Such a relaxing and effective facial and definitely welcome for dehydrated, attention needing skin! Not to mention you get the most amazing massage while the ingredients are working their magic! If you're in need of some pampering, I could not recommend this facial any more! Once I am back at work and we are FINALLY on two incomes, I will definitely be booking in for a monthly facial!

My Mother's Day gifts

 I was super spoilt by Ben and my parents for my first Mother's Day! Ben got me the Pink Champagne diffuser and cedarwick (woodwick) candle from Sohum (you can purchase this brand at Myer)! The scent is perfectly soft and feminine and it's such a great feeling coming home to an amazing smelling apartment every day without having to burn a candle. The diffuser is still going strong and seems like it will last at least a few more months. I LOVE the sound of the candle burning - the woodwick gives off a relaxing crackling sound like you're sitting beside a campfire. My parents got me a pacifier Pandora charm to commemorate having Achilles! It's so gorgeous. I do have a Pandora bracelet but I tend to wear my favourites on a neck chain individually rather than having them all on a bracelet! I had such a beautiful first Mother's Day. It's still so surreal being a Mum!

Mia Hoyto Skin Care Range*

I have an upcoming full review on this range so I will keep it quick but I LOVE this skin care range! Mia Hoyto is a high end certified organic skin care range. It is super gentle on the skin whilst leaving it feeling deeply cleansed! The Multivitamin Oil Serum is the best facial oil I have ever used and the moisturiser is so incredibly hydrating! I thought these were sample sized products but they're actually the full size and I can see why - you honestly need the smallest amount of each. I have run out of the cleanser but the oil/ serum and moisturiser are still going strong as I only use them at night time. Available in Australia at Natural Supply Co. Shop online here.

Rimmel London Cosmetics Volume Colourist Mascara*

This is the newest mascara out from Rimmel and I am actually digging it! It is a real lengthening mascara and adds the slightest amount of volume which is perfect for me because I prefer length. I LOVE the lash tint quality it has. It definitely leaves a tint to your lashes which is perfect for the no make up days and just for looking more bright eyed in general. The only negative is, if I get the slightest bit of this mascara in my eye, it does sting quite a bit. I have to be really careful when I use it not to rub my eye. BUT the look the mascara gives my lashes far outweighs the one negative!

May favourites done and dusted! Hard to believe we are in the middle of the year already and I have an almost two month old son!

Enjoy June and time permitting, I'll be back next month with some more favourites!

Keep smiling!

Tahana xo

*products were kindly gifted to Tahana for consideration however opinions are honest and her own


  1. Look at you being all organised with your May favourites! I have also been loving the Comforter shower gel!!! The pandora charm you got it so cute!!! The candle sounds amazing too. I have never heard of that brand before! The Mia Hoyto sounds so lux! Can't wait to hear more about it. Loved all your photos!!! So pretty!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. haha I know right. And I'm already putting together my June faves too would you believe :P Thank you! I had never heard of the brand either but when I saw the packaging I recognised it from Myer. Smells incredible! You can smell it on the weekend ;P

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaass Tahana, your photos in this post! 100% on point. Love how you kept it real with the Nipple cream haha! I'm loving the Lush Comforter Shower Cream too :) Feels incredible! Have you tried Olive Branch by Lush? That's my fave though :) x

    Katina Lindaa | www.katinalindaa.com

    1. Aw thanks Kat! Means a lot coming from you! Thank you for all your helpful tips! I haven't tried Olive Branch. I will have to try it out!!! <3

  3. It's so cute that your parents buy you gifts for Mother's Day too! The charm is gorgeous

    A Pair of Ones | Bloglovin

    1. haha yeah my parents are super cute! They're over the moon about becoming grandparents!