Friday, 4 March 2016

Pregnancy update 34 weeks

I just realised it has been quite a while since I have done a pregnancy update. I believe my last one was at 18 weeks.

So here we are 16 weeks later and I've double in size...tripled maybe haha.. compare below and judge for yourself!

He is growing at a phenomenal rate and we are beyond excited to meet our little man although I will miss feeling him wiggle around in my belly. I tell you, he is one active little man but he seems to sleep when I sleep but he will most of the time sleep in and wake up an hour or so after I do, the little cutie!

So last time we caught up he was the size of an average sweet potato weighing 190g and was 14.2cm in length.... he is NOW approximately the size of a honey dew weighting between 1900-2600g (I'm thinking more 2600g myself haha) and is between 43-47cm in length! I wasn't lying about how much he (and I) have grown!

Since my last full update at 18 weeks, I have definitely made some improvements. My mood and positivity have increased 100%! I've been extended at work until the end of the year which means I will be able to have 14 stress free weeks off with my little man when he arrives and have a job to come back to afterwards! If Ben finds a full time position before the end of that 14 weeks, I will be able to have an additional 18 weeks off through government paid maternity leave as well.

We also moved house at the end of 2015. I think the place we were in pre December really had an impact on my mental state. We were living in a studio apartment that was the size of our now living area with only three windows that backed on to a fence so there was no ventilation in the apartment whatsoever and it was coming in to Summer so we were not sleeping very well due to the heat! Now we could not be happier with where we are living. We have a gorgeous 2 bed 2 bath apartment on the ground floor with a cute little courtyard to the side. I look back and realise how our living environment really did affect my mood and I am so glad we moved when we did! We also now have air conditioning which has REALLY helped me get through some really hot days here in Queensland!

I've been in hospital with scares twice since the beginning of the year. The first time, I was walking home from the bus stop and all of a sudden my left leg was really swollen and felt super tight. I called a midwife and she said to come in to the hospital to rule out a clot or DVT. Thankfully it wasn't either and after three hours at the hospital and some scans to rule out anything serious, the swelling had gone down and I was clear to go home.

The second time was a little more scary. We were at the gym on a really hot day so I had already decided not to do anything just to be on the safe side. I was just standing there watching Ben and suddenly my vision went in to a tunnel and I almost passed out (thankfully Ben had gotten off the machine he was using to get a drink and I just fell on to the seat). I then lost vision in my left eye and felt really light headed and dizzy. Ben drove me straight to the hospital and while I was in the waiting room, the left side of my body started going numb. It started with my hand, then my lips, nose, tongue and forehead. I was really scared and my blood pressure was really high so they thought I may have had preeclampsia (which if you look it up, is NOT good in pregnancy!). Six hours later (around 1am) my blood work thankfully came back clear and after eating hospital food and drinking lots and lots of water, I was feeling much better. It was just too hot to be outside that day (our gym is open plan with no air con), my body just didn't want a bar of it.

Since then, Ben has banned me from the gym... which I am of course extremely upset about but I think, with this heat, it is honestly the best thing for me at the moment. It's just not worth the risk. If I were to fall and Ben wasn't there to catch me and I hurt the baby... I just can't risk it. Hopefully this Autumn weather brings a few cooler days and I can do a few lighter workouts but I really need to put baby first right now so have to accept that gym will be very light on for a while yet!

Since I am now the size of a small house, everything is definitely more difficult - moving, walking, bending, shaving, seeing certain body parts haha. But most days I feel pretty damn good (other than the severe heart burn that keeps me up most nights and the pelvis and hip pain that makes me walk like I am actually the size of a house). It's about 1pm every afternoon I crash and need a nap but I still have 3 weeks left at work so I must power through!

Oh I have also surpassed the "healthy weight gain during pregnancy"! According to the chart I was given at the hospital, apparently I was only supposed to gain up to 11.5kg.... well I have 6 weeks to go and I have already gained 14. Oops! Well.. when you can't work out but still have an appetite like you do, it is bound to happen. In the last three week period, I gained 500 grams, this three week period, I gained 3kg... The food I am eating is good for me (not all good but 90% good - have to have your cheat meals), I eat the right amounts and I am giving my body what it needs so I am honestly not too concerned about the weight gain. The weight I was at in the beginning of my pregnancy was only maintainable with over an hour of exercise almost every day and quite a strict diet so I am also not surprised that I put on a little extra weight. One of the midwives I have likes to make me feel terrible about this but I had a go at her last time about stressing me out about it and since then she hasn't said anything. I just don't think pregnancy is a time to be stressing about how much weight you're gaining, I admit it does get to me a little bit because I worked so hard to get to where I was.. but the most important thing is looking after yourself and baby and as long as you're doing that, there is no reason to stress or feel guilty about gaining weight. And I am all clear of gestational diabetes which I think proves I am eating the right things as given I have PCOS, I was supposed to be more prone to developing gestational diabetes.

Still no cravings. Honestly the only thing that's different is I drink a lot of milk and have since almost day 1 of pregnancy. I would normally only have milk in my coffee or in cereal but you will often catch me drinking straight from the bottle whilst standing with the fridge door open haha. Baby is set to have strong bones!

With 6 weeks left to go (although I keep saying I think he will come at the end of this month - I'm thinking 27th-29th) we are almost set for his arrival. Baby shower is next weekend and we just have to get the car seat installed and buy a few more things! We just cannot wait to meet and love and cuddle him!

Keep smiling!



  1. This is so exciting, I hope you meet your little one at the end of the month! I can completely relate regarding your living area/space affecting your mood, I just moved into a lovely 3bed 1.5bath townhouse with a courtyard and it's around the 20y/o mark and it's amazing how much better I feel at home now, versus this extremely old weatherboard Victorian 1900's or 1800's 2 bedroom dump I lived in down in Melbourne prior! I actually enjoy the space I exist in now and I feel like I am way more energetic and relaxed and motivated!

    And yay, another Brisbane blogger to follow!

    x Chontelle. Blog:

    1. It makes such a difference when you actually feel settled and at home huh!? I am glad you are also happier! And thank you, me too but everyone else seems to think he won't come early haha... Mum knows best though right?! <3

  2. Happy to hear things are going well for you babe. It sounds like you had quite a scare early on. You know our pregnancies are very similar at the moment. I'm also having the milk craving... I think mine has more to go with the incredible heartburn my little one is giving me. Milk offers minor relief most of the time I need to treat it with medication. I have 9 weeks left and although many people of commented on how small I am I feel massive haha!! Bring on the cooler weather I say. Pregnancy and summer to not mix.

    Rest up and enjoy your final weeks just you and Ben. Things are about to get crazy for you guys in the best way possible.


    Bec ||

    1. Was definitely scary for a while there but just concentrating on taking care of me and baby A now! Heartburn is just ridiculous, I hate it and so far has been the worst part of my pregnancy.. which I guess in a way is a good thing haha. This cooler weather is already doing me a world of wonders! I feel like I have a little more energy, even if I am waddling around at a moderate pace haha. <3

  3. YAYYYY!!! I loved reading this update so much!!! You totally have the right attitude and mindset about your weight gain. It is completely normal and common to put on extra weight when you are pregnant! You have such an active lifestyle, you will easily take it off within your first year with the baby! I'm so happy you moved too because now you are closer to me and your new place is way prettier and so much space and lots of natural light. It's gorgeous! Lots of love for you and baby!!! xxx BABY SHOWER CAN'T WAIT!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. I am even more determined now that I haven't trained in so long! Need to find a gym with a baby sitter in the local area so Ben can train me... or one that will let us carry him around haha. Cannot wait to see you this weekend! <3

  4. Eeep not long to go!!! Im glad you have posted this..i have never been pregnant before but age is catching up so mayyybbbeee a kiddo in the next 3 years and i am absolutely terrified of the thought! I get scared thinking about how physical my work is and child birth... that realllllly scares me!! I can wait to see pictures of you bub :):) xx

    1. It's such an amazing and wonderful experience. It's really hard at times because everything is changing and you realise nothing will ever be how it was.. but I'm realising that is the beauty of it all! Cannot wait to meet him! Thanks Lily!! <3

  5. You have a beautiful baby bump :)

    Try not to worry about the weight gain. I gained 30kg's with my first pregnancy (I had a lot of fluid) and 17kg's with my second pregnancy. It all came off after the babies were born.