Monday, 21 March 2016

10 Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

Just because it's frowned upon to wear make up to the gym, it doesn't mean you can't carry around some beauty products to ensure you keep your skin looking amazing and your body smelling great before, during and after your workout.

These products have a permanent home in my gym bag. These are the products I never want to be without at my time of beauty need.

Make up wipes/ make up remover

I am sorry but in my opinion, there is NO excuse for wearing make up to the gym (unless of course you forget your make up wipes, then it is forgivable just this once). When you sweat, your pores open. If you have a face full of make up, your foundation is going to travel in to your pores and clog them up. This leads to breakouts and over time, bigger pores (who wants those?!). If you're working out right, you should be sweating. Eye make up is a huge issue with this as it is more than likely to run and when that stuff gets in your eyes, its pretty painful and that's never a pretty look!

In my opinion, the gym is a place where we look our worst in order to look our best. We make ourselves look horrible from doing hard work (messy hair, sweat, grunts and heavy breathing aren't exactly attractive)... You're there to impress yourself with how hard you can work and besides, I am pretty sure a guy will be more impressed with the girl who is training her ass off rather than the girl with perfect hair and make up who is too afraid to do anything strenuous in fear of smudging her eyeliner. You're beautiful so embrace that natural beauty - the gym is the perfect place for it!


His & Hers.. just in case!
This one goes without saying (actually I will say it because let's face it, there are some smelly people in the gym). Personal hygiene is imperative in everyday life and keeping yourself clean before and after gym is super important. I am always self conscious if somehow I forget to apply deodorant and it affects my entire workout as I am worrying if I smell, if I have sweat patches... it's just horrible. Now I make sure I have at least two in my gym bag at all times. I don't need those distractions!

Hair ties 

This one is super important... I started putting bulk of these in my gym bag after I wore my hair down to work one day , went straight to gym and then...not a hair tie or bobby pin in sight and I had to be THAT girl in the gym (you know the one that trains with her hair down - I never understand how they work out properly :\). I know what you're thinking, what kind of girl can't find a hair tie in her car or hand bag... well... hair ties have a tendency to just disappear from my life. My mum thinks I have a stash of thousands hiding somewhere from the millions she has bought me over the years but I really don't...Having a pack in my gym bag helps me to avoid this extremely awkward situation.

Dry Shampoo

For those who workout before work or when you're super keen and do a session on a Friday night before catching up with friends. Over the last few years, dry shampoo has fast become one of my beauty best friends! Keeping this handy ensures for the perfect illusion of freshly washed hair! Who doesn't love dry shampoo. I know so many people who wash their hair daily because they work out and sweat... for me, dry shampoo works perfectly and always keeps my hair looking fresh and feeling clean!

Body Mist/ Soft fragrances

I love smelling extra fresh in the gym so I always spray a nice body mist all over before I hit the gym. All of The Body Shop Body Mists are light and refreshing and not too over powering so perfect for the gym and a perfect alternative to perfume which can be a little too much in the gym environment. Also perfect for after gym when you definitely need some freshening up in the scent department!

Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitiser

Not everyone is going to be as hygiene conscious as the next person. Think about the number of people who touch the weights/ benches/ equipment on a daily basis and I'm not sure I trust the gym staff to sanitise the equipment regularly either. Most of the time, without thinking , we will touch our faces with our hands and just think about the amount of bacteria from the gym you are transferring on to your face. I keep a hand sanitser handy to use during my workout to keep my hands clean and relatively bacteria free. This one is perfect with the added aloe, it doesn't dry out the hands!

Face Mist

I love freshening up after gym (and sometimes during) with a face mist. I find soothing facial mists help calm the redness from a workout.This one from Jurlique (Rosewater Balancing Mist) is AMAZING and my favourite and I also love how simple and refreshing the Evian Water is!

Hair Brush

Because.. you know.. its nice when your hair looks brushed and mine always gets super messy after gym

Hair Straightener

Now I admit this one doesn't have a permanent home in my gym bag but if you are ever planning to work out before work or before a night out, this is great to have just to reduce any frizz your hair may have produced during your workout that the dry shampoo didn't fix!

Make up/ toiletry bag(with the essentials)

Just in case you need a face full of make up when you leave the gym if you're heading out! It's good to have doubles of your go-to products so they're always available when you need them!

So what are your gym bag beauty essentials??

Keep smiling!

Tahana xo


  1. I have mostly everything you have mentioned here except the makeup. Great post !

    1. That's just an 'in case thing' haha I rarely use it as I don't like to work out before I head out but sometimes you can't avoid it haha

  2. Great post Hun, If I went to the gym I would be carry the same stuff I think haha :) I also think the mini's come in handy for this type of thing so you don't have to carry around to much.

    Nicole xx |

    1. Yes! minis are an awesome idea! I just haven't found any that are the same as what I love. Which is a huge shame because I really needed some for my hospital bag! haha maybe I should hit up Mecca Minis! <3

  3. Great post!!! I definitely carry all of these in my gym bag as well! I don't understand how any girls can workout with makeup and their hair down!!! I hate when I don't take all of my mascara off properly and it stings my eyes during my workout! The worst! Loved all of you essential items!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. Yes! The mascara in my eyes! It's happened a few times where I just got excited and forgot to take my make up off before gym and I felt so uncomfortable the whole time! Thank you for reading, as always Sarah! <3

  4. Hi! Great tips make up remover = a must (i have NO clue how some people workout with make up on!). Something I like to carry with me as well is my lip balm, you never know :) Question: What gym bag do you use?

    1. Hi Karen! Lip balm is definitely always in there as well haha maybe five at a time haha. At the moment I am using a Lorna Jane bag but I used to use one from Strong Lift Wear which I love but it got stolen. So I am in the market for a good new big gym bag that can handle everything as the LJ one isn't really cutting it! <3

    2. I'm sorry to hear that :/ I was actually looking for a new one too, I was looking at LJ too! I read around that Live well 360 has awesome bags, so I ordered the 'luxx' like two days ago. Anxiously waiting for it to arrive (eek!)

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