Monday, 29 February 2016

10 tips to make your hair grow faster

A lot of my friends have been commenting on how much my hair has grown in the past 6-12 months. I definitely have my hair care routine down to a T and I know it makes a world of difference! Try these tips out and see how you go!



Stop the Parabens & Sulfates

Whilst products without parabens and sulfates are often quite expensive, I have been using them for the last year or so. I find when using products that don't contain these chemicals, my hair looks healthier, more vibrant and extra shiny (the good shiny). Parabens have been known to dry out your hair and I think this is what lead to me having so many split ends. The ends of my hair were horrendous and once I had them cut off and started a new hair car routine, my hair started growing really quickly. It's currently been almost a year since my last trim and my hair still looks great, even the ends!

Limit hair washing

So as most of you know (usually), I go to the gym almost every day. Yes, my hair gets sweaty but I still don't believe I need to wash my hair daily...or even every second day. I actually wash my hair once a week. This started out of pure laziness but I noticed my hair was actually a lot healthier and vibrant after a few weeks of doing this. Now it barely looks dirty or oily between washes.

Batiste is my fave dry shampoo I've tried so far!

Make dry shampoo your best friend

Carrying on from tip number two, dry shampoo definitely helps me through day 5 & 6 of unwashed hair. It's great if I have a mid week dinner date with a friend and I need my hair to look amazing. 

I LOVE my Cloud Nine straightener!

Put down the hair straightener

We all know heat is NOT great for our hair! Since limiting straightening of my hair to once or twice a fortnight, I have noticed a lot less damage to the ends of my hair. It definitely helps your hair stay healthy and limits the damage you do every time you straighten your hair. Also, when I do straighten it, I ALWAYS use a heat protectant. If you straighten it properly and sleep with a silk pillow case, your hair will stay relatively straight for the whole's just the last two or three days where my hair goes in a bun and stays there until I wash it again.

Limit blow drying

I find my hair falls better when I blow dry it after washing it so for the last six months, I have been blow drying once a week. I like to let my hair dry naturally for around 20-30 minutes and then blow dry the rest just to limit the amount of heat on my hair. 

This is my favourite hair oil ever! I actually LOVE everything from the Macadamia Oil range!

Invest in a great hair oil

For me, this helps with split ends, helps my hair look and feel healthy and, in my opinion, helps my hair look like it belongs in a shampoo commercial on TV (not even kidding).

Get a decent brush (and don't brush as often)

I honestly brush my hair maybe 2-3 times a week. It might seem wrong but it's working for me! A decent brush is a must. I've tried a lot over the years and I always notice the difference in breakage when I use a hard plastic bristled brush.  I prefer the new soft tangle teaser type brushes. Be prepared to lose a lot of hair when you do brush and wash - this will be a side effect of doing all of these tips because you're doing everything less frequently, all the hair you lose daily will be washed and brushed out on the days you actually do these things.

Massage your head regularly

Or... get your partner or friend to do it for you. I always massage my head when I put my conditioner in and on non washing days, I give my head a quick two minute massage as I heard it promotes hair growth... and well... my hair is growing so I am assuming it's also one of the things that helps it along! 

Eat the right foods

You knew this was coming right?! Diet, as we know is important for skin and hair health. I eat quite a healthy diet and feel it contributes a lot to the health and growth of my hair. My hair has never grown this fast before so I actually believe this is a big part of why my hair is growing at such a fast rate.

This is the supplement I use (when not pregnant) Nature's Own are made here in Aus! I used to work for them and over 20 years ago, so did my mum! How cool is that!

Take a hair skin and nails supplement

This will simply give you more of the essential vitamins (biotin, silica & zinc) required for healthy hair, skin and nails. I take one of these (along with many other vitamins) on a daily basis.

Comment below with any other hair growth tips you may have!!

Keep smiling!



  1. Great post Hun, I actually follow a lot of these tips. I only wash my hair once a week very very rarely use hair tools and don't brush my hair often at all haha People always ask me what I do to keep my hair so healthy and I tell them not much at all haha I think people get to caught up in all these new jazzy products and your hair really doesn't need that stuff! I would like to give the supplement's ago though (cool that you and your mum both worked there :p). Oh I do use a leave in hair conditioner or something for my ends but other then that its all very simple.

    Nicole xx |

    1. Agreed. I give 10 tips but they are all so simple! Sometimes I use a hair mask if I feel like I need it but that's maybe once a month! Macadamia Oil make a GREAT one that smells amazing!! <3

  2. Have you found that the hair, skin and nails supplements work well for you? I've tried ones from various brands and stayed consistent taking them but never noticed a difference. Thank you for your tips girl! I'm going to incorporate some of them into my hair routine! (trying to get past awkward growing out phases has been a pain)

    Maz |

    1. Hi Maz. Thank you for reading! :) I do find it works for me yes, but I think diet is more important than the supplements. The supplements only have a tiny amount of what you need so you need to make sure your diet is on point for them to work along side and give you the extra amounts you need to give that growth! <3 Let me know how you go!

  3. Such great tips, lovely...I'm addicted to hair oils, though, to be completely honest, I'm not really sure they're doing much for my hair!

    I do confess to having a slight addiction to my straightener. :P

    1. Hair oils are amazing! I love mine. They're definitely not doing any damage if you use them too often as they will just wash out. I mainly use them to keep my ends healthy and my hair shinier! Haha it was really hard for me to go from straightening my hair every day to once a week but every time I was straightening, there would be all these little bits of hair breakage on the floor so I figured that wasn't helping! haha now the bun is my best friend during the week when I don't need to look super pretty! <3

  4. Ahh I'm always wanting my hair to grow as soon as it's cut! OGX do amazing organic haircare and it's transformed my hair since using it, so much healthier and longer - and long without being 'straggly'! It's really amazing, I'll have to try the other methods too :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. I do love OGX! One of my favourite hair care brands! Their products smell amazing!!!! <3

  5. Such great tips! I follow a lot of these, but I do need to not wash my hair as often. I am so guilty of washing every second day. And straightening too often haha.

    Kate |

    1. Make dry shampoo your best friend! Haha. I imagine it would be a lot harder with shorter hair though because you can't just chuck it up in a messy bun... <3

  6. I noticed a huge difference in my hair growth since I started eating a lot healthier, so that tip is to follow for sure!

    1. It's definitely the most important and helpful tip in my opinion! Being healthy makes everything healthier! Hair, skin and nails! <3

  7. I think I wash my hair way too much. I need to train mine like yours to only be washed once a week! Maybe I will work up to it slowly. Great tips though! I pretty much have completely stopped using my straightener over summer and my hair already seems way healthier now!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. It does take a while for the hair to get used to being washed less frequently.. but as I keep telling you, buns are your best friend haha! <3