Monday, 1 February 2016

Valentines Day Beauty Prep Tips from Brazilian Beauty CEO Francesca Webster

Valentine's Day Beauty Prep Tips: How To Get Ready For February 14

It’s the time of year to send a little bit of time on yourself, even if you have a Valentine or not, everyone should feel beautiful on Valentine’s Day. Brazilian Beauty’s CEO and Founder, Francesca Webster, gives us her top tips on how to look your best for Cupid's special day. 


Book a facial

A facial is one of the best ways to feel instantly relaxed and luxuriously pampered. On top of that, your complexion will benefit greatly from the from the attention of a trained beauty therapist.  “A professional treatment will fully cleanse your skin in a way that you simply can't at home. We customise our facials to your skin type and any issues you may have so your skin looks radiant, which is so key for me when going out ”, explains Francesca.

Get your make-up done professionally 

Getting your make-up done professionally really takes the pressure off you having to get that eye liner just so. Plus you will learn some great expert tips and tricks along the way and get to try new products you may have never used before. “I hate having to rush getting ready and love having someone else do the work for me so not having to worry about my make-up is one more thing to tick off the list” says Francesca.

Get a gorgeous glow 

Glowing skin can make you feel extra special for a big date. Tanned skin looks healthy and evens skin tone. Who isn’t happier sporting a healthy looking radiance? As they say, look good, feel good! Francesca advises its best to prep the skin two days in advance of your tan. “I’d recommend preparing your skin the day before your tan by shaving, exfoliating and moisturising thoroughly.  Then schedule your tan two days before the day to ensure its fully developed and settled into the skin.” 

Effortless Hair

Forget about the complicated and fussy updo - loose, flowing hair makes you look effortless and sexy and is the perfect Valentine’s Day look. Style a few loose waves and finish with a flexible hold hairspray for an tousled look that will last all night. “I find that my hair always looks and behaves better the day after I have washed it, plus it means I don’t have the added stress of worrying about doing my hair before going out. So my advice is to wash and style hair the night before and then its ready and prepped for styling and easier to manage on the day” advises Francesca.

The Outfit 

When deciding what to wear for your Valentine’s Day plans, if it’s a date or a girls night out —it can be hard to get the balance right so go for a tried and tested outfit. Pick out your favourite ensemble, the one you feel most confident and comfortable in as there’s is nothing worse than feeling self-conscious in what you’re wearing. This is a sentiment that Francesca swears by, “I always go with a tried and tested favourite that suits where I’m going, if I feel confident in what I’m wearing then that’s all that matters! Skinny jeans and a flowing top with a statement necklace or summery tea dress with a pair of heels or wedges are my go to’s.”

What are your beauty tips for Valentines Day?!
Keep smiling!
Tahana <3

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  1. Love this! So true about being sure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing and learning what looks good on your body. I am still mastering what works for me, but I'll get there one day! Shannon and I normally cook for each other on Valentine's Day now which is a nice tradition. Last year we made Fondue which was heaps of fun and delicious! :)

    Kate |

    1. That is such a sweet tradition and such a good idea! <3

  2. Awesome tips!! Yes, a pampering sesh is in order! :)
    Yours Truly, NY

    1. A pampering session is ALWAYS in order haha <3

  3. I really need to book a facial, it's well overdue and I love how amazing it leaves my skin xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I'm with you on that one. I LOVE facials. Always feel a million dollars after being pampered with a super long facial! <3

  4. There are some awesome tips in here! Michael has booked us in for a special lunch somewhere so I am excited to get dressed up for it! I hope that it's not as hot as this so my makeup doesn't melt off! LOL, great post Tahana!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. Oh how cute! I'm trying to oprganise a surprise for Ben but he already guessed it (typical of him haha). We shall see how the day goes. Can't wait to hear all about your lunch!! <3

  5. Aw this post makes me wish I celebrated Valentine's Day lol! I think I'll perhaps give myself a mini pamper sesh after the little one goes to bed and get an early night #mumlife 🙈

    Bec ||

    1. Ben and I aren't too big on the whole V day thing either. Every day is love day for us haha. Ben will be working anyway so looks like I will be in the same boat. PAMPER DAY! <3