Monday, 11 January 2016

Empties 2016 #1

I honestly thought I was hoarding way more empties than this because I even brought them with me when we moved in early December... Maybe they're still hiding in a box I haven't unpacked yet. If I find them, I'll include them in the next empties post!

I really enjoy doing these posts as it gives me time to reflect on the products and what I did and didn't like about them and whether or not to put them on my re-purchase list!

Elemis - Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash* AUD$65

I really did enjoy using this cleanser and I only wish I had their entire range to try along with it to get the full benefits. I received a sample pack at an event I went to last year but lost the cleanser. I used the rest of the samples which were also amazing but don't feel like I got the full benefits I would have if I could have used them all together for the full month. Until recently when I bought Ben his own skincare, he would use mine so everything was used up pretty quickly! I will definitely get my hands on this one again once I have tried a few more cleansers I have in my stash.

O Cosmedics - Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser AUD$52

I feel like this will be my forever Cleanser. The one I will always come back to (when I have the money and I'm not trying out others). The O Cosmedics range is just perfect and works the best with my skin. It is a little pricey and I can definitely understand why but it does mean I am not able to use it at the moment with being on such a tight budget until baby comes and we figure out just how much he is going to need. If your salon stocks O and you're in a postition to try any of their products, I highly recommend any of them (I've tried quite a lot of their products - their serums are amazing).

O Cosmedics - Immortal Cream AUD$102

Again, when I settle in to a budget routine, this will be my forever moisturiser. It's super pricey at AUD$102 for 50g (and only lasts 4-6 weeks) but it really is amazing. Its thick in a way it can be used as your night cream but also perfectly blendable and absorbs super quick so its also perfect for a day cream. Honestly cannot wait to get back to using this one!

Dove - Invisible Dry Roll On Deoderant* 

I've used Dove for years and I will continue to do so for a long time. It's such a reliable, good quality and affordable brand. This roll on is perfect for me. I'm always so uncoordinated when putting deoderant on, I always get it on my clothes but alas, this is invisible, so even if you get it on your black top, you (and no one else) can see it and you don't have to go rushing around your house trying to find another top to wear that day! I already have a few backups of this one ready to go.

Dove - Aqua Moisture Nourishing Body Wash*

This one disappeared REALLY quickly. It's so moisturising, I used it as a shaving gel as well as a body wash which always made my skin super soft. The smell is neutral yet calming. I went through a stage when I was 24 where I had every single Dove body wash that was available in every scent in my shower all at one time. When friends would come over, they would think I was crazy but I just love the smells and how soft they make my skin. Will definitely repurchase eventually but I am obsessed with body washes at the moment so I have so many to go through - as you will see below!

The Body Shop - Vineyard Peach Shower Gel AUD$9.95

I do love most Body Shop shower gels but this one (along with their strawberry scent) is just beyond amazing. The smell is incredible and I'm pretty sure Ben loved it too as this bottle lasted us just over a week! I can't find this one online now but I'm hoping it's in store as I would love to repurchase! I'm using the strawberry one at the moment and when that's out I'm going to try a different scent to see if any others compare. What's your fav Body Shop Shower Gel??

Jurlique - Rose Shower Gel AUD$29

Such a beautifully luxurious body wash. I loved using this at night time as it has a slight calming scent to it. I love everything Jurlique and will definitely repurchase this one at some stage.

It's not exactly a bad time when you actually like and will repurchase all of your empties! Can only imagine how many products I will go through this year with being a new mum! The lack of sleep and being on the run all the time will surely mean I need to up my skincare game!

Keep smiling!

Tahana xo 


  1. Great Empties Hun, I love the peach shower gel I picked a few of these and the body scrub as I think they were limited edition or they only release them at certain times of the year. I have just picked up the mango as well and hope that it is nice it smells pretty good.

    Nicole xx |

    1. This was the Peach Shower Gel I got from you! It is amazing. And the body mist.. OMG... I love it - as does Ben. Every time I spray it he doesn't leave my side haha. Shame they're limited edition! Will have to stock up next time they are released!! Mango I assume would smell delicious! I need to take a visit to a store and just smell everything! haha

  2. I love empties posts!!! I really want to repurchase that Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash. It feels so good on the skin but is $$$. I haven't heard of O Cosmedics before but I definitely want to try some of their stuff now that they come highly recommended from you! Great post!!! Can't wait to see more empties. I am restarting my empties count from this month to see how many I get through in a year!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. I'm the same with Elemis.. $65 is pushing it for a cleanser for me but it is pretty amazing! You should definitely try O Cosmedics! Sarah you will LOVE them! All of the serums are so concentrated they're great! Yay for empties posts! <3