Monday, 12 October 2015

Pregnancy update - Week 13

Week 13: Baby grows from 5.4cm to 7.4cm and weight goes from 14g to 23g (getting big – but still so tiny)



So this one is a little late - had a lot going on at the end of last week and needed some time out.

FOOD!!! Omg finally! I still have moments where I hate food until I start eating but I feel SOOOOO much better this week. I’m probably eating double what I have been for the last 12 weeks and that’s a good thing because now, I’m probably eating what I should be! I even like Nutella again but haven’t been craving it so not dangerous yet haha. I can eat chicken if it has herbs or some sort of marinate on it, I’ve eaten Swiss cheese, chocolate, oats, Blueberries, granola, bread, Greek yoghurt, eggs, ice cream (peanut butter flavour), noodles, pickled onions, vegetables, bananas, apples. All a big step from eating a few Jats here and there. 

I’m feeling less nauseated too which is amazing although I did throw up at the gym the other night. I wasn’t working overly hard so maybe something just wasn’t sitting right in my stomach.

I’m no longer allowed to do ab exercises as advised by my doctor. I tore a ligament in my stomach so abs are out for the rest of the pregnancy. Hoping they’re strong enough to withhold everything!

I’m trying to work on writing up some adjusted programs as I don’t feel I’m getting enough out of what I am doing at the moment which is pretty much what Ben is doing (purely strength and a little cardio). I feel like my needs have changed and I need to do more cardio to work on my fitness and more body weight exercises as the weights become harder to do (especially with having  a torn stomach muscle almost everything I do hurts).  I still do want to do a lot of weight training as its important to me that I stay strong but I need to do other things as well for balance especially now I’m eating normal again, I’ll need more exercise to compensate for the food!
My skin is going crazy again this week which may be due to the fact in introducing sugar to my diet again. I’ve booked in for a Facial with In Therapy at Clayfield so super excited for a pamper session! I’ve even booked Ben in to get a treatment for his back.
Bump update … I’m in the ‘I just look like I’m getting fat phase’….yay…this phase isn’t playing with my emotions and self-confidence at all haha. 

Week 13 in pictures:

Keep smiling!

Tahana xo

instagram: @taklhealthytome


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