Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pregnancy diaries - Week 9

BEN IS HERE! He is finally in Brisbane and I could not be happier. This week has been the best so far. Having him here makes me incredibly happy and it has made things a lot easier on me especially since I am still dealing with severe fatigue/ exhaustion. 

Food: I finally got my Italian food! OMG it is amazing. Ben has been making it from scratch for me. He is so incredibly talented. He has been cooking for me non stop and even puts up with me being hungry one minute and then once he cooks, suddenly I feel sick and can't eat. It's still really on and off and some days I eat tonnes and others, I still have to force my self to eat whatever I can manage. The food aversions are getting ridiculous. So on top of chocolate, I'm now off chicken and cheese and I'm finding a lot of foods taste different to what they normally do. I barely drink soft drink but was at a 1st birthday party over the weekend and had a creaming soda which I had to give to my brother because I didn't like the taste. The chicken aversion is quite worrying to me as its my main source of protein and I'm having trouble finding a protein powder that doesn't have artificial flavours or sweeteners in it (bad for baby). 

He's even making bread from scratch!!

Emotions: have been the best they have been in weeks. I had one day where I cried because Ben was jokingly being mean to me - which we do all the time but of course, pregnant Tahana took it to heart haha. Other than that I think I'm just on a high given Ben and I can finally be together.

Sleep: Has also improved dramatically since having Ben here. The only reason I wake up is to urinate for the 1000th time that day and then I fall straight back to sleep. I think my mind is at rest with him here. 

We are having our first scan this Thursday which will mark 9 weeks. I am beyond excited to see our baby!

Gym: We had a week off gym when Ben arrived but we're back at it now. I'm going a lot lighter with the weights now. Being so tired I do feel like I have less strength. Still focusing on quantity rather than volume and after a good weights session, I still feel amazing. Definitely want to keep exercising as much as I can for as long as I can.  

I've been having weird dreams this week. One included us having twins and one was about Ben and I going for an ultrasound and finding out we were having QUADS?! I love babies but I feel like four may be just too many for us! I would be very excited if there were two babies in my belly although that's extremely unlikely! 

Growing Pains: Maybe I'm dreaming of having multiple births because I've had growing pains almost every day this week. This gives me even more reason to believe baby is a boy. He is going to be huge and tall just like his dad... So much growing has been done this week!

At the 1st Birthday party <3
 Tomorrow - week 10! (the scan)

Keep smiling!

Tahana xo


  1. You both make such a hot couple!!! The Italian he made for you looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish Michael could make me food like that! So jealous!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

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