Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Pregnancy diaries - Week 8

Week 8: 

I feel like I'm showing just the tiniest bit (can no longer keep my belly flat, or suck in). Most of the time it's just my belly being bloated but it's getting harder and harder to make it look like there's no belly.. And it's only 7 weeks.

 We're hoping to have a scan at week 9 once Ben is here and if everything is all okay with baby, we have decided we will make the announcement then! We just can't keep it in any longer.

Food: Still a love/ hate relationship that has actually led to me losing 3kg since finding out I'm pregnant. What I do eat is pretty damn healthy though and I'm still going to gym most days. Now having more food aversions... It actually pains me to say this but I am completely off chocolate - this coming from a girl who (in her fatter days) used to eat at least a block a day... I thought I was going to be able to eat bulk Nutella without being judged but I cannot even stand to look at it. Someone at work ate a Laksa soup at their desk the other day and I was on the verge of throwing up for a whole hour until the smell left. Can't say I've ever been a fan of the Laksa anyway so not fussed about that one but I was actually looking forward to craving chocolate and enjoying it on another level.. baby hates chocolate, broccoli (another previous love of mine) and now chinese too... The only craving I've had is for some GOOD Italian food but I've been holding off for Ben to get here because he can actually make me some decent food (he's Italian).

Emotions: A few good days and one really bad day of just being angry and crying and I also cried when Ben sent me photos of baby shoes and socks... they were just adorable! 

I'm still not sleeping properly. Waking up between 3 and 4 every morning and only being able to get back to sleep on some days. Ben is still setting his alarm to call me and tell me he loves me which makes waking up so so so much better. <3 Could not be more in love with that man. 

Tomorrow - Week 9 

Keep Smiling!

Tahana x