Saturday, 12 September 2015

Pregnancy Diaries - Week 5

Week 5 (and a little of week 6):

Have been an absolute emotional wreck this week (Being alone through this is really hard. Not having someone to cuddle when all you want to do is cry is even more emotionally draining than it should be and having to talk to your partner about all of this over the phone is just depressing).

Let me tell you... These mood swings surely separate the boys from the men when it comes to partners and I can tell you my man is the most understanding, amazing, wonderful, supportive man you will ever meet. I have yelled at him for the most outrageous things and yet he listens to what I have to say and he will do whatever it takes to make me happy again. He has never yelled at me as long as I have known him  but wow, with how ridiculous I have been this last week, it surely would have cracked anyone else or maybe someone who didn't truly love me.

I have joined a few online forums and it breaks my heart to see some of them say their partners are yelling at them for being moody and one guy even left the poor woman because he couldn't deal with her mood swings.. :-(

I cannot express how extremely and incredibly grateful I am to have such a wonderful man in my life to share this with and hold my hand the whole way through. Even though we're still long distance for now (and the hand holding is done through FaceTime) .. Three more weeks and he will never let me go again and even more than that, we get to start our very own beautiful little family. It's hard to imagine being happier than I am now but that seems inevitable now we know what our future holds. I could not be more grateful to have this man in my life and call him my partner... Let alone to have him as the father of what will be our beautiful beautiful baby.

I ended up in hospital on Tuesday this week with pains in my belly (they were sharp and different to others I had been feeling for the past two weeks) but after hours of tests and scans, looks like everything is fine - huuuuge major relief after showing up to the hospital and bursting in to tears because I was afraid of losing the baby. I think my uterus is just getting huge at a ridiculously fast rate (that's what pregnancy is, right?!). Added bonus was I got more bloods taken and my HCG levels had more than tripled since Monday's test and were now sitting at 6200! The baby is healthy but is still too tiny to see on the ultrasound.

This week I have cried because I forgot to buy milk, because I burnt my chicken, because I woke up with blemishes on my cheek, because people say the wrong thing, because Ben liked a picture of a girl on Instagram (this makes me laugh now because when it comes to Ben, I am not the jealous type because I have absolute complete trust in him so this stuff normally doesn't bother me), I've been angry at Ben for not being here and not being as excited as I wanted him to be about the baby being the size of an orange seed and argued with my mum about baby names and which hospital the baby will be born in... Normally I am so so chill and nothing gets to me but if someone even looks at me the wrong way at the moment, I will cry ️haha. My hormones are out of control!

I hit six weeks on Thursday of this week (Ben and I now call Thursday's "Baby Day"... Where we read all about what's happening with baby that week...Yes.. We are incredibly cute ️haha) 

I still haven't had any morning sickness (with the exception of throwing up my broccoli on Monday... I now no longer eat broccoli..) I feel nauseated from time to time but I feel pretty lucky to not be sick yet (just emotional as hell).

My breasts are rapidly growing and are immensely tender and for those of you who know me, know I already have quite giant boobs (I'm an E/F) luckily I kept some bras from when I was bigger so I have plenty of room to move.... My gosh they are going to be humongous...although, all for the greater good of the beautiful tiny human growing in my belly.

All in all this week has been horrible but it's ended on such a good note . I have had one cry free day and hoping my happy emotions continue to be amplified rather than my sad, delusional, depressed ones.

*Come back tomorrow for week6!  
Keep smiling!

Tahana xo

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  1. Hun I had no idea you're pregnant! Congrats!!!!!!! That's so bloody exciting for you both :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. It definitely sounds like a rollercoaster ride but it's so nice that Ben is so understanding and sweet to you! I feel like when I am pregnant I will drive Michael crazy but I hope he is as sweet as Ben! If not, I will have to show him these diaries! I also love "baby day" that is so sweet!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats