Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pregnancy diaries - Week 12

Week 12: Baby grows from 4.1cm to 5.4cm and DOUBLES in weight from 7g to 14g (size of a plum).

 This week has started out extremely grumpy. Boy am I moody. Poor Ben.  Trying to understand my body and when it needs to eat is really getting to me. If I don’t eat at the right time, I feel really sick and then I don’t want to eat but I have to force myself  because it’s the only thing that will make me feel better. It is really frustrating and because I’m so emotional about everything, of course I’m making it a bigger deal than it needs to be but I just want to feel normal… although I know that won’t happen for a while.

Really struggling with motivation to do anything other than sleep. There’s a lot of self-made motivation going around just to get my butt to the gym (although Ben helps with this one too as I do love to train with him) but I know I have to go.  I’ve cried at the gym a few times this week…I know it may sound silly but it upsets me (obviously made worse by all the hormones travelling through my body) that I can’t do what I used to, that I’m not as strong as I used to be or as fit. I still go to the gym 6 times a week (we only have one rest day each week) but I can’t do high intensity workouts anymore or lift heavy weights and its really getting to me. I worked so extremely hard to get as fit and as strong as I was and I feel like I’m losing it but at the same time I’m trying the best I can. Ben has been amazing at trying to talk me out of being upset about this because I am doing something so much more amazing by growing our baby. It is really hard work and it does take up a lot of my energy but I do vow to get all my strength and fitness back as soon as I can once baby is born.

Ben and I have been having lazy nights in after gym watching Arrow – I watched the first episode a few years back on a flight to the UK and enjoyed it but forgot to watch the rest when I got back. It’s a pretty decent, entertaining show. After finishing Season 1 of Spartacus for the second time, we thought we would watch something new before watching season 2 again. The frustrating thing about watching TV with a pregnant woman is having to pause it every 10-20 mins so she can urinate (as the uterus gets bigger, the bladder gets smaller).

I do not want to jinx it but as of day 4 of this week, I have officially finished two whole meals! I honestly haven’t finished or eaten a decent sized meal for at least 4-5 weeks so this is a big accomplishment for me and gives me hope that all the hormones are settling down and I’ll be able to eat normally again very soon! I even managed to down some chicken which excites me that I may be able to start eating enough protein again!

I went to the Lorna Jane Active Nation Day on Sunday this week. I didn’t go prepared for a bouncy workout so was caught off guard because my breasts are still incredibly tender. I need to invest in a good maternity sports bra!

Finally starting to get a tiny bit of a belly (pic below). I’m guessing now I’ve hit 12 weeks, I’ll just start growing every day and I really cannot wait to have a noticeable belly.

Week 12 in pictures:

Keep smiling!

Tahana <3 

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