Monday, 21 September 2015


Macadamia Oil Rejuvinating Shampoo & Moisturising Rinse:

Colour Safe and sulfate and paraben free. I prefer to use natural shampoos and conditioners and really attribute their use to my hair growing so fast in the last 6-8 months. My hair constantly looks healthy and feels better than it ever has.
Repurchase: I already have. So far the best shampoo range I have come across and at $23 a bottle, they're worth it!

Original Source Watermelon and Jojoba oil body wash:

All Original Source body washes smell amazing but this is probably the worst out of a good bunch. I did enjoy using it and it does have a slight awakening feel to it so I used it in the mornings to wake my skin up and feel a little brighter.
Repurchase? No.. way too many better smelling washes out there.

Lush Snow Fairy:

Who doesn't love Snow Fairy. When I moved house and unpacked,  found this little surprise I had forgotten about. The smell is just divine and I tried to saviour it for as long as possible. At least I only have to wait 14 more weeks until I can use it again!
Repurchase? Plan to stock up again this Christmas with enough to last me the whole year haha.

Dirty Works All of A Lather Body Wash:

I liked using this one at night time as it had a slight comforting masculine smell to it.
Repurchase? I won't go out of my way to get it but if I see it in store, I will grab it for sure.

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream:

I do really like this one and it definitely has had a brightening effect on my eyes. Whilst the effect is only short term, Its a great, cheap quick fix if you need to look more awake for the day!
Repurchase: Currently trying to find something that can give me a more permanent brightening effect but will consider repurchasing for every now and then use.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 hour powder:

Probably the best drug store powder I have ever used. I really LOVE the finish of this powder. Such a flawless finish and really keeps me oil free all day. I didn't expect to like it as I've never liked any of Rimmel's foundations and have just stuck to their lipsticks and eye products but this one is actually amazing and I recommend it to the girls on a budget!
Repurchase? Yes! Once I finish the other powders I have to try out, I will be repurchasing!

Beauty Blender:

Possibly the best make up invention of my time. If you haven't yet purchased this amazingness, I suggest you try to get your hands on one asap. When I used it for the first time, I could not believe all this time, I had been using a brush to apply my foundation, when here was this perfect sponge that could make me look better than I ever had.
repurchase? I just purchased two extras!

Cover Girl 3in1 Outlast Stay Fabulous and Maxfactor FaceFinity All Day Flawless:

These are my holy grail. I believe them to be the exact same formula and have been using both of these for almost two years now. I have dry to normal skin and this foundation never leaves me with dry patches and sometimes even allows me to create a dewy look if I don't set with powder.
Repurchase? Yes yes yes! One million times over. I honestly find it better than most of the high end foundations I have tried so don't see the point in spending more money than I have to for amazingness.

Have you tried any of these?? Post your thoughts in the comments?

Keep smiling!



  1. I love the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation too!!! I have only tried the Macadamia hair treatment but I do love that one, I should try the shampoo & conditioner too. Where did you buy your beauty blenders from? I thought you could only get them from Sephora now. Loving your pregnancy diaries too by the way!!! Can't wait for the rest!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. Got the beauty blenders from Beauty Bay. Just checked and they still have them :-) Thank you lovely! Can't wait to write the rest! Time is going so slow now! haha

  2. Love my Beauty Blender I don't know what I would do without it! I keep hearing so much about that Snow Fairy wash from Lush I must try and get my hands on it when it comes out. I am prob going to be the only one who actually doesn't like the Cover girl Outlast foundation, I have tried applying it so many different ways and I cannot get it to sit on my skin nice or stay put! Congratulations as well babe on your pregnancy :)

    Nicole xx |

  3. I've used that max factor foundation as well and it's amazing! I don't understand how every beauty blogger doesn't rave on about it because it's so amazing. I totally agree with what you said about the beauty blender - it's so good I wish I owned it sooner. Another great post!! x