Friday, 24 July 2015

My Workout Schedule Volume 2

My workout schedule has changed so I thought I would share it with you all! My partner Ben (you can find his Instagram page at the bottom of this post) is currently studying his diploma in fitness and has come up with this amazing new schedule I have been loving (once he is qualified, he can help you out too)!

We decided to cut back on the daily cardio to just 100 calories and have a full day dedicated to cardio - let's be honest though, with the workouts I am doing, my heart rate is up the whole time so my weight training definitely gives me some cardiovascular assistance as well. Doing so much on a daily basis was burning me out. I have a lot more energy since cutting back and I'm still seeing results so of course I am happy!

*Each session begins with stretching and a warm up! I cannot stress the importance of doing both of these to prevent injuries. I also stretch after each session and try to use a foam roller on my muscles at least twice a week. 

I've really slowed down my speed on the stair master to allow for the kick back in the double step. This is AMAZING for the hamstrings and the booty! Try it out!

Day 1 -

Morning: Chest
Afternoon: Quads
Cardio: 100 calories on stair master - Level 7 (50 calories normal steps, 50 calories double step with kick back)

Day 2 -

Morning: Shoulders
Afternoon: Hamstrings
Cardio: 100 calories on stair master - Level 7 (50 calories normal steps, 50 calories double step with kick back)

Day 3 -

Morning: Back
Afternoon: Deadlifts
Cardio: 100 calories on stair master - Level 7 (50 calories normal steps, 50 calories double step with kick back)

Day 4 -

Morning: Rest
Afternoon: Arms
 Cardio: 100 calories on stair master - Level 7 (50 calories normal steps, 50 calories double step with kick back)

Day 5 -


Every Saturday is cardio/ booty/ ab day (one hour of whatever I feel like doing that day - mostly spin). If Saturday falls on one of the above days, hold off on that day until Sunday and continue as normal. 

*If you don't have time to do two sessions per day (like me on most days) just combine the two!

If  you have any questions or want to know the individual workouts I do, let me know in the comments below!

Keep smiling!

Tahana xx

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

How to: Stay motivated to exercise!

1. Remind yourself about why you exercise

Exercise, as we know, is imperative for your health. In reality, this should be motivation enough but there are many other reasons why we do it. It helps relieve stress, keeps us fit, gives us me time, helps us achieve certain goals, releases endorphins to make us happy, helps to build muscles to keep us strong... the list goes on. What ever your reason for exercising is, remind yourself of this every day. Never give in to something you want right now if it's going to hinder what you want for your future.Also remember, this is a lifestyle we have to live forever, this isn't a game with a finish point...this is a game we play forever and health is the prize and you get it every single day! Keep going!

2. Enjoy your rest days and have them often

At the moment, I have a rest day every 4 days and I enjoy the crap out of it. I work really hard in the gym so rest days are deserved but are also very important for muscle recovery and growth. I always see faster results when I have more rest days. Don't get carried away and think that if you stop, you will lose progress because that will not happen. Your body needs the rest. The more you workout with out rest, the more likely you are to burn yourself out which can lead to injuries which will lead to time spent away from exercise which makes it even harder to get motivated to get back in to it.

3. Do what you like doing

Whatever you love doing, whether its lifting weights, running, yoga, swimming, boxing, make that the bulk of your exercise program. It's important to have a good mix of both strength and cardiovascular training but in order to keep motivated, you have to do what you enjoy.

4. Try different things

 I LOVE the gym to bits but believe it or not I have days where its the last place I want to be. I'm inside a lot for work so sometimes I just want to be outside for as long as I can. Go on a hike, take a yoga class in the park, go for a run along the beach or the river.  If you're the opposite and spend a lot of your time running, try going to the gym and lifting weights. I will literally try any form of exercise and sometimes it's quite surprising what you might enjoy. Don't be afraid to expand your exercise horizons.

5. Involve your friends/ family/ partner

There is nothing more motivating for me than working out with someone else. Some of the best workouts I have ever had have been with my partner. It's great to have someone there who enjoys working out as much as you do and I always push myself a lot harder when he is there motivating me.

Some of the most enjoyable workouts I have had have been with my friends. Most of you would know I take my exercise pretty seriously so it is great to have a session now and then with a friend or a group of friends and just enjoy it more than anything. These are the workouts that don't feel like workouts and they're important. Enjoyment is important!

6. Make it part of your daily routine

Have a set time you go to the gym each day. This helped me a lot to begin with. I found if I just went whenever I felt like it, I was more inclined to forget about it, get carried away with something else and not go. Every evening I go straight home, get ready for gym and leave. I don't give myself time to relax or get distracted with chores or anything else around the house.

On weekends, I have set times I will be at the gym. Of course, we all have plans on the weekends but as long as you plan your exercise time in advance, you will be fine. Most of the time we know what we are doing in advance so there is no excuse not to exercise, unless it is rest day!

7. Put motivational quotes and images in your bedroom/ bathroom or desk.

 I really believe this helps! Find motivational quotes and pictures online and put them up around your living and working spaces and constantly read them. The more you read something, the more you believe it and the more you start living it! Click HERE for a link to my Pinterest account - I have two motivational boards (FITSPO & THE HAPPY LIFE). The two things that mean the most to me are health and happiness!

How do you stay motivated?!

Tahana x

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How I lost 20kg and got my life back

The trigger: Being diagnosed with depression for the second time in my life.

I wholeheartedly and 100% attribute my diagnosed depression to poor health & lifestyle.

Before I started this 'journey", I had never told anyone the doctors told me I was depressed - I kept it to myself... I thought it was a bad thing.

Looking back now, both times I was diagnosed I wasn't active in the slightest (I could have actually been called a couch potato because that's all I did), I wasn't looking after myself and my diet was beyond horrible - almost every meal was fast food with soft drink (soda) and I ALWAYS had desserts and treats - DAILY..

The contrast in lifestyles.... I used to drink every weekend when I was younger.

My whole lifestyle was full of negativity and I put MYSELF in that situation. I never wanted to leave the house, I would constantly cancel on my friends but then feel lonely and like I had no one. It was hard but looking back, ridiculous that I made myself feel that way.

Of course, there was other contributing factors I had no control over however, being unhealthy and inactive makes dealing with certain things a lot harder. Whilst every case is different of course, and I am not saying all depression is caused by or attributed to poor health but I think being healthy and staying active is the best way to keep a happy and positive mind frame.

Lifting weights helps me feel strong physically and mentally

I never took the medicine prescribed to me by the doctors. I went home and looked at the pills and decided I didn't want to treat my depression with a pill... I wanted to be happy on my own. It was MY fault I was feeling like this. I am in control of MY own emotions and happiness.

I will literally try any form of exercise and I have grown to love yoga!

I made the decision right then and there to make many drastic changes in my life. I ended an unhealthy relationship (that afternoon and moved a week later), I found myself a personal trainer and started exercising everyday - I started off with three personal training sessions a week and on the other days I would run and walk for as long as I could. I fed my body the food and nutrients I knew it needed. Even though we can never escape negativity , these days, I am able to deal with things a lot better than I used to. My whole mind set is in a very positive place.

Spending time outdoors with beautiful things makes exercise worth it!

I started on a very basic diet as I knew if I made it simple for myself, I would stick to it and be able to form a routine. At the time, I didn't realise how important it was to keep fat in your diet (I found that out the hard way but that's a whole other post) so my diet consisted of a lot of eggs, brown rice, vegetables, chicken breast, tuna and fruit. I didn't track anything, I just fed my body good, whole, healthy foods!

The change in my attitude and energy levels changed pretty fast. I went from watching TV for hours a day to watching none. I hated being inside and took any chance I could to get out and about. I joined an amazing gym and loved it so much I would get up at 5am to do my cardio so I could concentrate on my weight training at night. The contrast between my new and old lifestyle was incredible and I knew I was doing the right thing for my health and well being.

Not just smiling on the outside any more :-)

Over a year has gone by now and I have been no where near perfect and am no where near where I want my body to look like but in regards to health and happiness, I am exactly where I want to be. I make the right choices every day for my health. If you follow my instagram page, you know I indulge every now and then - I don't believe in putting unrealistic restrictions on myself... I love donuts and Nutella so if I want them, every now and then, I will have it! It just doesn't have to be an every day or every week thing. Discipline plays a huge part in getting healthy...especially when you've been the opposite for so long. When you're exercising a lot, it helps because the last thing you want to do is exercise just because you want a chocolate bar... you want to exercise to get results and that treat isn't going to get you there.

One year, four months, over 20kg down...

The numbers no longer mean anything to me... I rarely weigh myself. I track progress through photos and measurements. I lift weights and have muscles so there is no way the scales are going to say what I want them to say.

It takes a lot to do this... its not easy, it takes a long time and you have to stick to it forever. Don't set yourself unrealistic goals or restrict yourself. It's NOT a diet.... it's a LIFESTYLE. How you have to live for the rest of your life.

When people see me eating chocolate once a month they will be like "aren't you on a diet"...well there is no way I would have been able to be on a diet for the last 16 months! I changed my life and weight loss was a huge bonus of that.

I'm happy, healthy, strong, fit and completely content with where I am!

If you have any specific questions for me, please leave them in the comments below!

Keep smiling!

Tahana xx

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