Monday, 1 June 2015

How to Stay Active in the Office

When you have a desk job like me, you know how hard it is to stay active whilst at work especially when you're busy. Since purchasing a FitBit, I have been tracking my activity during the day and realised how inactive I am during my work hours. Normally, by the end of the day at work, I've hit between 3000-4000 steps which isn't very many at all. There have been a number of articles lately about the negative effects having an inactive lifestle can have on your health. Whilst I am extremely active (most of the time) outside of work, I spend 7-10 hours at work, five days a week and when you add up that time, it's a good chunk of your week and making minor adjustments to your day can help you be more active during your working hours.

The changes I have made have really made a significant difference to my activity levels during my working hours. Below are the changes I have made and will hopefully help you to be more active at work too!

1. Walk, ride or catch public transport to work

For a while, I drove to work for the convenience. There's parking right outside the door, it saves me time and it meant I didn't have to deal with public transport which I normally hate. I started catching the bus (which actually isn't that bad at all). It means I get to walk to and from the bus stop and to work from the stop (sometimes, if I have time, I get off one stop before mine and get in some extra activity time). If you already catch public transport and you're unable to walk to work, getting off a stop or two early is definitely a great way to increase your steps!

2. Spend your lunch break outside

Ok so this is  from a recent hike of mine but just the feeling of going out side after being cooped up in the office is really liberating!
Sometimes we get so caught up with work, we forget about ourselves and the need for a break and just eat lunch at our desks. I have made it compulsory for myself to spend at least some of my lunch break outside to go for a walk, whether it be five minutes or the full thirty minutes, I go outside. It is actually really refreshing to step outside the office for some fresh air on a daily basis and actually leaves me more motivated and energised for the afternoon.

3. Get up from your desk as often as possible

What I really feel like doing all day at work. Being more active has definitely given me a lot more energy and even made me more motivated to do more work!
 I've started setting a silent alarm on my FitBit every half hour to remind me to get up from my desk. Fill your water bottle, go to the bathroom or visit a colleague. Just use any excuse to get up from your desk for a few minutes. This one also helps me to drink more water as I normally finish whatever is in my bottle so I have an excuse to get up.

4. Track your steps

Quick press of a button and I know how active I have been for the day! This was taken at 12pm and already over 4,000 steps!
 Honestly, getting a FitBit has been the most motivating thing I've done in a while. Being able to see, at a glance, how many steps and kilomteres I have done is really encouraging when it comes to being more active. Obviously, you don't have to go out and buy a FitBit (even though I think they're super awesome), a simple pedometer is just as effective at motivating you to achieve your daily step goal (they recommend 10,000 steps a day - they being the World Health Organisation.. I found an article here on why they chose 10,000 steps). Tracking really motivates me to be more active. I try to get as many steps as possible. Bulk of my active time is spent lifting weights (does not contribute to the step count) and whilst it's great, I definitely want to increase my cardio fitness and this is a great way to achieve that and track how active I am being.

5. Set a Challenge with your friends

The different challenges you can do with your friends!
 When you have a FitBit, you can invite your friends to be buddies on the app and you can set certain challenges together. This is great for competitive people and a great way to motivate eachother to be more active. If a FitBit isn't in your budget right now, get a pedometer and get a friend to get one too and see who can get the most steps each day. I have a group on Facebook called Talk Healthy To Me and the members who have a FitBit have been doing the Workweek Hustle where the person with the most steps at the end of the work week wins. If you want to be a part of the group, you can join here and we can add you to the challenges in the future!

Five small changes have made the biggest difference and actually make me feel like I have more energy throughout the day. You know what they say about those endorphins!

Comment below if you have any extra tips!

Keep smiling!

Tahana x


  1. Love it! Great post. This applies to my uni study days too! On really bad days lately where I have been doing nothing but assignments I didn't even get past 2000 steps before I got on the treadmill for my night workout!

    1. It's amazing how inactive you can be without realising it, hey! I am extremely glad I invested in a FitBit! I love how we can motivate each other through it as well! :-)

  2. Great post babe!!! You know I have been loving our Workweek Hustle challenges! I always try to use my lunch break to walk around and get out of the office, but I've been slacking with this lately! Thanks for all the reminders! The silent alarm is a great idea too! Loved this post! I hate being at an office job because you feel so sluggish sometimes but you can definitely do all of these things to increase your energy levels!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  3. Thank you! I do love our challenges! They're really motivating for me! I agree about the office job. Slowly working towards having a more active job but gotta get those $$$$ so if little things can make a difference to my energy levels during the day, I will do them. <3