Friday, 1 May 2015

Weekend Fitness Idea - Springbrook National Park

Whilst I LOVE the gym and would be in one 8 hours a day if I had my way, I also love trying different things when it comes to fitness.

I'm up before the sunrise most days but it's not everyday I get to actually enjoy it!


I've been training in the gym for just over a year now and sometimes it begins to feel like a chore. It's important to do things you enjoy to keep you motivated.

I recently went on a hike with a friend at Springbrook National Park. If you're anywhere near Brisbane or the Gold Coast, I highly recommend a visit! The views you get of the Gold Coast and the ocean are just incredible. Next time, we are packing a picnic!

Typical gym girl feeling the need to flex in every photo

 Being outdoors is good for you in so many ways. It reduces stress, you burn calories without feeling like you're really working for it, you'll sleep better (I find when I exercise outdoors it burns a lot of my energy and I always sleep well that night), you get vitamin D! and it gives you time to focus on the little things in life (stop and smell the roses)... when I'm in the gym, my focus is on me and my goals, that's it...I'm there to work hard. When I'm outdoors, I'm still helping my health and fitness but it gives my mind a break and a chance to focus on other things, beautiful things!

Ah the serenity.. I could actually go here every weekend!

We took the Twin Falls Circuit which was supposed to take between 2-4 hours. We smashed it well under two even with stopping along the way multiple times to take photos (and selfies). 


Feeling on top of the world!

The view of the Gold Coast and the sunrise on the ocean <3

Walking past, under and over waterfalls is such a liberating feeling. Getting lost in the beauty of nature is something I want to experience more! 

Unfortunately, it was a bit cold for a swim and neither of us brought towels but next time, we're jumping in!

Walking behind a waterfall for the first time was such a beautiful experience... Just complete bliss <3

Rainbows everywhere!

Comment below with your favourite outdoor spot to exercise and tag me in your pictures on instagram as well! @talkhealthytome


For more information about Springbrook National Park visit here