Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Why are they always so high of ourselves?!

I am going to be completely honest with you here and tell you about the expectations I had of myself for this pregnancy and how ridiculous I now realise they are.

Little baby belly update ;)

I would still exercise exactly how I was with just adjusting the weight.

I honestly thought this would be the case. I really did. After suffering from extreme fatigue for at least the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy, I tried and tried to be that fit pregnant chick that everyone would be in awe of because "OMG she is still exercising and she is pregnant, how amazing is she"....Not the case at all. Sure, I still go to the gym and I do as much as I can to the best of my ability, honestly, it hasn't been that much. Most of the time I go with all intentions to have an awesome workout and 10 minutes in and I'm sitting on the floor sipping water and watching Ben workout.

I try, I really do.. but you have to realise, just because someone else is doing it, doesn't mean you can.  After seeing a few celeb trainers and instagram personalities being super active during their pregnancies (some even running damn marathons), I thought, well why can't I do that too.... well... because every pregnancy is different. I barely have the energy to stay awake at my desk at work let alone get in a full blown workout. You have to listen to your own body and know what you can and can't do. I haven't done weighted squats or dead lifts (my two favourite workouts) in weeks and I do miss them but it just wasn't plausible for me. I've had back and hip issues in the past due to a car accident I was in in 2008 and with all the hormones running though your body, it loosens up all of your joints which makes it easier to get injured. I didn't want to risk it as with every squat I did, I could feel a pain in my hip so I decided to stop (i.e Ben demanded I stop the second I told him it was hurting).

All of my workouts are now just body weight and I'll do the occasional upper body workout with Ben on days I have bulk energy and sometimes I even make myself do half an hour of cardio. That has to be a really good day for me to get that in.

Until very recently, I felt so horrible for not being able to do all the things I wanted to do but what it comes down to is my health and my baby's safety. If my body can't do something, it's not a time to push it. It's hard to accept but there's more on the line now than being that fit chick and caring what everyone else thinks.

I would hardly put on any weight and be "all belly" 

Haha... honestly don't know what I was thinking with this one. I've put on at least one million kg in my breasts alone. Ok I've only put on 5kg in total at 20 weeks which is healthy but with the lack of workouts, my body doesn't look as lean/ fit as it did pre pregnancy and I actually feel like I've lost a little of my booty - I must work on that with some extra body weight stuff asap!

Seriously though, who cares how much weight you put on. If you're eating what you should be eating and giving your body the nutrients it needs without going ridiculously overboard, then don't feel bad about putting on some weight.

I would eat so damn healthy every single day

Well.. I try. I really do BUT (there's always a but), it's not always easy to eat the things you should. Most of the time, I do eat healthy but I'll get half way through a meal and all of a sudden be repulsed by what I'm eating and just stop. For me its not going overboard but going a bit under-board due to food aversions AND I've had no cravings to help me out with eating additional foods.  I get in as much chicken, rice, bread, veggies, fruit & salad as I can (even though most of the time Ben has to force me to eat). You just have to do your best. We can't all be perfect organic and clean eaters 100% of the time, as much as I would like to be (jokes, Nutella).

I would have a giant belly

I feel like its the "craze/popular thing" these days to have a small belly and barely show until your last few weeks (well that's how you get in the news and gain millions of followers on instagram anyway). I wanted a HUGE belly from the second I fell pregnant.. I've been waiting and waiting and I've only just started to pop a little but most days he's positioned so far back, you can't even tell. Still not everyone in my office realises I'm pregnant and I surprise them on days I wear a fitting dress and he's out a little more. Bring on the big belly so everyone knows I am actually pregnant and not just letting myself go!

I would be happy every day

Cue pregnancy hormones. Cue life problems. Cue work issues. Cue anything... and that dream is down the drain when you're pregnant. I feel like I have absolutely NO control over my emotions whatsoever and the littlest things will set me off, good or bad. Today for instance... I finished a whole meal of chicken and salad and I was so proud of myself for feeling full I had tears in my eyes. The hormones make it incredibly hard to deal with difficult situations which I have been put in in the last few months.  Having a support network and actually talking about what you are feeling is IMPERATIVE to feeling ok. I tried bottling it up and pretending to be happy for so long, I literally broke down. Talk to your partner or if you're in this alone, nominate a friend or family member as your support person and spill everything to them. It's important for your health. Depression in pregnancy is a real thing and more and more women are dealing with it due to the stress of everyday life and the new pressure of impending motherhood.

I've really learned over the last week or so to let go of the things I cannot control and just let things happen and do the best I can do for me and my baby. I know I'll be an amazing mumma and being tired and hating on chicken does not change that.

I hope you enjoyed the read... I feel like I needed to write this for myself and.. for anyone else who may be feeling this way!

Keep smiling!

Tahana <3

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How to: Stay motivated to exercise in the Summer heat

IT'S HARD! It is really hard. It's hot, humid and you're already sweaty and tired just from existing.

It's almost Summer here (although in typical Queensland fashion, it's come early) and I am already struggling with the heat (made worse I'm sure by the fact I am growing a humman).

It's not like me to not be motivated to workout but this heat really takes it out of you. I've come up with a few tips that have helped me gain extra energy and actually feel like heading for a workout!

1. Head to the beach

It's almost always super breezy at the beach so I'll often head down for a walk/run and on days I am super keen I'll head down to the sand and do some sprints and some lunges and squats.

2. Go swimming

Swimming is a GREAT form of exercise. You burn a hell of a lot of calories, you work hard, yet you're nice and cool the whole time. Also great for muscle soreness if you just float in the pool for a while and take, literally the weight of the world (what it feels like in my case) off your shoulders!

3. Work out at home (in the aircon)

Yes, most gyms have air con (ours doesn't actually but its quite open and has super giant fans that do the job)...but with the amount of people and the added sweat from said people and their annoying  body warmth (how dare they be human), sometimes the gym is just too much to deal with when it's super hot. Ditch the gym and do a body weight circuit in the comfort of your own home.

4. Stay hydrated and eat well!

I cannot stress this one enough. It is so easy to become dehydrated in the Summer months and this will certainly lead to lethargy and possible sickness and headaches. If you give your body what it needs and EXTRA water given the heat, you're more likely to have enough energy to be motivated to work out!

What are your tips for staying motivated in Summer??

Keep smiling!


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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Pregnancy Update - Week 18

Week 18! Baby is now about the size of an average sweet potato  - Weight: 190g Length:14.2cm

 So it’s a BOY!!! We are so thrilled.

I have said from my second post (week 6) I had a feeling he was a boy! Mumma bear’s intuition ;).

I do apologise for the lack of updates lately but I did feel like my posts were getting a little repetitive and I haven’t been overly in the mood for writing the last few weeks (explanation below)…but now I have a few things to catch you guys up on!

For the last few weeks, I have been struggling a little with antenatal depression. I’m not depressed about having a child or being pregnant but knowing you’re bringing a child in to this world and realising how big of a responsibility this is, is sometimes, completely overwhelming.

It doesn’t help that at the moment my job is not overly secure. For the last few months, my contract has been extended month by month and I am being given very little notice about whether they are keeping me on. My current contract is due to expire on November 30 and I still have no idea whether I am being extended or not.

I’m applying for every suitable position I can find but I worry that, even if I secure an interview, when they find out I am expecting a child in five months, they will be deterred from hiring me.

Whilst Ben is getting some casual work and it’s great for extra money when I am working full time, if I lose my position, I just don’t know how we will survive on his casual wage which realistically, wouldn’t even cover our rental payments. He is trying so hard to find a full time position but given he has been a member of the Australian Defence Force since he was 18, he doesn’t have any experience so its proving quite difficult for him and with the restrictions his injuries impose on him, there are even limits to the positions he can apply for.

I try to stay calm and tell myself everything will work out… but honestly…what if it doesn’t?

I cried every day for three weeks straight. I would snap at Ben for the tiniest little things and be horrible to him, put myself down every day and just want to shut everyone out.

If it wasn’t for my amazing, incredible, kind, loving partner, I would still be in that stage… but every day he told me we would work together to make everything ok, that I was beautiful and amazing and doing the most incredible thing in the world by growing our baby and no matter what, he will always be there with me. He just kept going…until I was ok.. he didn’t give up, not even for one second. And now I am ok and I just cannot thank him enough for loving me the way he loves me. He is actually the most incredible man in the world and I am so damn lucky he is my soul mate.

Although I am still worried about our situation and what may happen.. I will know either way in the next few weeks and then we go from there, as a team.. and face whatever comes our way. We’ve been through a lot in the past and honestly believe there isn’t anything we can’t do together.

Apparently 12% of women experience antenatal depression and although I hate that I am/ was one of them, the reality is, it happens (I guess I just feel so much pressure for everything to be perfect for my baby).

After talking with my midwife and communicating openly with Ben about my feelings everyday instead of bottling them up and keeping them to myself, I feel so much better and haven’t cried in almost a week and feel generally happy and less anxious.

I’m seeing the hospital physio this week to check my hip joints and some ligament damage in my stomach. I’m also going to ask them about my neck and back as my breasts are putting so much added pressure it’s ridiculous. They’re at around a GG cup at the moment and I’m guessing they aren’t going to stop growing anytime soon.  The last time they were at this size was when I was 20kg heavier than I am now.

We had our morphology scan this week which is when we found out we are welcoming a little man in to our family. He looked so perfect. Everything is growing just how it should. He had the hiccups when the technician was measuring him and it was just the most adorable thing I have ever seen. We also got a wave, a thumbs up and what I took as a fist pump!
We just cannot wait to meet him! 22 weeks to go!

My belly is growing every day and just last weekend I had a huge growth spurt (see pictures). I’m very excited to actually look pregnant.  I will need some maternity clothes any day now as I am just squeezing in t the few things in my closet that are loose enough to fit me.

 I haven't been doing as much as I would like in the gym with this ligament pain but I still do what I can and I've been walking to and from work every day which is about 5km in total so I'm walking 25km a week just from that. Think its time to get the FitBit back out!
Ben’s mum has kindly booked us flights to Townsville to visit Ben’s family over New Years! Excited to have a little babymoon before we settle in for my third trimester and start nesting and count down the days until he is here!


Keep smiling! 

Tahana xo

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Skin Care Routine

*please note all products have been confirmed pregnancy friendly by professional beauty therapists or by the companies themselves.If you are currently pregnant, please consult your doctor before using any of the below products.

So... the skin care routine has changed AGAIN. I really do like to mix things up and try new things and this lot definitely works too. With so many hormones running wild in my body at the moment, my skin has gone a little crazy and the below are helping me keep it under wraps.

Cleanser: O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser AUD$52

I've been using this cleanser for a good three months now (still the same bottle going strong by the way). It is a light foaming cleanser with a beautiful coconut scent. The formula is very soft and doesn't feel like it would be affective when you're massaging it in to your face but afterwards, my face always looks extremely clean and feels soft. Whilst the price is a little on the high side, given how long this bottle has lasted me, I think its well worth the price tag. O Cosmedics is only sold in your beauty salon. I really love the fact you have to talk to someone before you purchase the range to find out which products suit you best. Click here to find your nearest salon that will stock O Cosmedics.

From O Cosmedics: A gentle daily facial cleanser strengthened with powerful antioxidants. Suitable for all skin types including reactive and rosacea skins, post peel, laser and surgery cleansing. Fortified with anti-pollutant boosters that trap & remove dirt and excess sebum. V8 peptide complex™ leaves the skin super hydrated & refreshed. A daily must have!

Cleanser: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Cleanser* AUD$17.95

You know how they talk about that pregnancy glow? Well, I'm yet to experience that and rather, my skin has turned back in to the teenage version of itself and breaking out! With all the hormones being released in your body, a lot of women actually experience acne during pregnancy (I'm hoping this only lasts for the first trimester).  I found the O Cosmedics Cleanser wasn't helping to tame these breakouts (I think mainly because its made for more mature skin which isn't normally prone to breakouts). This Tea Tree Oil Cleanser from The Body Shop has been my saviour. It has really helped with the severity of my break outs and really calmed them down. I would definitely recommend this Tea Tree Oil range to younger skin prone to breakouts. Ben is currently using this to help with breakouts he gets on his back from gym and riding with his motorcycle gear in the hot weather.

From The Body Shop: A refreshing foaming cleanser that effectively cleanses oily and blemished skin with a triple blend of natural ingredients; Community Fair Trade tea tree oil, tamanu oil and menthol, to remove make-up, dirt and impurities and to help maintain blemish free and hydrated skin. 


Exfoliator: Antipodes Reincarnation Exfoliator* AUD$43

This exfoliator the most luxurious exfoliator I have ever used. I have never seen a formula so thick and creamy. After I used this for the first time, I didn't wear makeup to work and got compliments on my skin from a lady at work. My skin has never felt so soft. I can't think of a skin type this wouldn't suit. I tend to be more on the dry side and it doesn't dry me out but the formula is not oily at all. You can pick it up from your local Priceline store or you can pick it up from the Antipodes website here. RRP is a little pricy but you only need such a small amount and I only exfoliate once or twice a week so it's going to last me a fair while!

From Antipodes: Offer your skin a new life with this beautifully effective, extremely gentle facial exfoliator. Avocado oil and jojoba beads marry to lift away lifeless skin, leaving a fresh complexion that feels reborn. Healing marigold bloom oil works to nurture and repair, while carrot seed extract helps clear and revitalise your skin's surface. Exotic essential oils of cedarwood and sweet orange calm and balance your skin's appearance. Suited to most skin conditions.

Toner: The Body Shop Limited Edition Skin Clearing Toner* AUD$22.95

I had never seen a 'shake to activate' toner before so I was quite interested to see how this one worked. I admit I haven't used it on my skin very much as I don't really enjoy toners or like how they feel on my skin but this one did aid in calming my breakouts. We have used it a lot on Ben's back and definitely see an improvement and it does remove a lot of excess dirt which is surprising especially after double cleansing his back on the daily. Again with this one, I would recommend for younger skin prone to break outs and definitely any breakouts you get on the rest of your body.

From The Body Shop: This innovative 'shake to activate' toner removes traces of cleanser, make-up and impurities with triple blend of natural active ingredients such as Community Fair Trade tea tree oil, tamanu oil and white willow extract to leave the skin clean and refreshed whilst helping to prevent blemishes.

Spot Treatment: The Body Shop Pure Tea Tree Oil* AUD$9.95

Ok so I think we went a bit crazy with this one as we finished the bottle in a week (using on both my face and Ben's back. I MAYYYY have not read the back and actually realised it was a spot treatment and more used as much as I did with the toner....oops! We were definitely impressed with this and have since purchased another to use properly. Its a concentrated tea tree oil formula to target your blemishes. Now we use it on a cotton tip on each individual blemish. The second bottle is certainly lasting longer than the first!

From The Body Shop: A natural, targeted solution to help clear and soothe blemishes effectively without over drying the skin. It contains antibacterial properties and purifying ingredients such as Community Fair Trade tea tree oil, tamanu oil and aromatic lemon tea tree which have natural antibacterial and purifying properties.

Spot Treatment: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion AUD$24

Oh Mario. I've used this treatment for over a year now on and off and it always works wonders. It always takes a few days to get rid of the nasty red breakouts but you always see an improvement each day. We've been using this on Ben's back as well and it's helping calm his blemishes and not be so obvious when he wears a singlet to the gym. For $24, this bottle will last a few months if not longer and is definitely worth the purchase to help the severity and longevity of your blemishes.
You can purchase Mario Badescu products from your local Mecca store or online here.

From Mario Badescu (Mecca website): Mario Badescu's best seller, Drying Lotion is an excellent spot treatment made with a blend of Calamine and Salicylic Acid to clear up and soothe unsightly whiteheads overnight. A dab of this lotion will heal and dry pimples quickly. Adored by celebrities from Hollywood to London-town, it's no wonder this overnight treatment has become world famous. 

Day Cream: Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser AUD$9.95

My skin has become overly sensitive in the past couple of months and have needed to switch up some of my skin care to accommodate for this. This moisturiser is super light yet still hydrating enough to keep my skin free from dry patches. When I have breakouts, I use this one at night as well as I don't like to use a heavy moisturiser when I have blemishes I want to disappear.
Sukin products are sold in Priceline and most chemists around Australia

From Sukin: Shea butter and aloe vera with rose hip, sesame and jojoba oils to promote moisture and balance the skin. This light and gentle moisturiser, boasts shea butter and aloe vera to calm and soothe the complexion.

Day Cream/ Night Cream: O Cosmedics Immortal Cream AUD$102

This one very recently ran out on me but I am heading to my beauty salon this week to pick up some more. Pregnancy has made my skin extremely sensitive and whilst this one is great most of the time, others it feels a bit harsh on my skin so I use the Sukin for a few days and then switch back. This Immortale Cream is extremely hydrating and you only need the tiniest little bit. This moisturiser is PERFECT for dry skin and also for more mature skin and ageing prevention. At $102, it is on the higher end of prices and this jar only lasted me about seven weeks however, I am definitely repurchasing as I think its a great investment for my skin and what is more important, really?! With my next jar I will use slightly less (1 pump instead of two) and make the jar last a little longer.
As mentioned above, O Cosmedics can only be purchased at selected beauty salons. Click here to find your closest one.

From O Cosmedics: Cutting edge super-antioxidants and potent concentrations of V8 peptide complex™ make this age defying cream a five star anti-ageing treatment. Fortified with mega doses of vitamin C it works to awaken and hydrate the skin, assist relaxation of muscles and help to reverse and diminish the signs of ageing whilst providing a feeling of instant lift.

Eye cream: REN  Keep Young Firming Lifting Eye Cream AUD:$58

I've been searching for a really good eye cream for a long time now and I still don't think I'm quite there yet. This one is OK... but for $58, I really did expect a but more from it. I don't see any noticeable brightness, firmness nor does it make me look more awake when I'm not wearing makeup. I haven't used very much of it just yet so thinking of returning it to MECCA to try something else which the woman who served me was kind enough to offer if I didn't like it. Please comment with any amazing eye cream/ treatments below. I need something amazing.
You can buy this one from your local MECCA store or online here but obviously, as I am not enjoying this, would suggest requesting a sample to use before purchasing a full tube.

Protect: O Cosmedics Mineral Pro (Tint) AUD$47

 If you've read my previous posts (especially this one here), you'll know how important sun protection is to me. I really dislike using a moisturiser that has SPF in it so will always use a separate sun protection. After I discovered how much I love O Cosmedics, I wanted to try a few different products from their line. My beauty therapist suggested Mineral Pro as a sun proectant and to be honest I was a little reluctant to spend that much on a sun cream but I am so glad I did. This stuff is incredible. Its 30+, light weight and tinted so you can wear it alone or under your foundation and the smell is just divine!  

Face Mask: Origins Clear Improvement Mask AUD$37

I am really enjoying this one. It is a tiny little bit harsh on my sensitive skin at the moment but it is bearable to use and does help clear out my pores. I love a little pamper night and use this once a week to clear out any excess dirt, make up etc out of my pores and give my face a deep clean. 
You can purchase this at your local MECCA store or online here

From Origins (MECCA Website): Environmental pollutants can play havoc with our skin, clogging pores with dirt, debris and other nasties. The Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask is designed to give your pores a deep, thorough clean. Formulated with the benefits of Activated Charcoal, which act like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers, this creamy smooth mask also packs White China Clay to quickly absorb oil, while Lecithin eradicates impurities to leave skin clean as a whistle. The results include skin that is soft, smooth and purified, with fewer breakouts and minimised pores. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have used any of my current skin care products!

Keep smiling!


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*products have been gifted to Tahana Lee for consideration however opinions are true and her own 

Monday, 12 October 2015

Pregnancy update - Week 13

Week 13: Baby grows from 5.4cm to 7.4cm and weight goes from 14g to 23g (getting big – but still so tiny)



So this one is a little late - had a lot going on at the end of last week and needed some time out.

FOOD!!! Omg finally! I still have moments where I hate food until I start eating but I feel SOOOOO much better this week. I’m probably eating double what I have been for the last 12 weeks and that’s a good thing because now, I’m probably eating what I should be! I even like Nutella again but haven’t been craving it so not dangerous yet haha. I can eat chicken if it has herbs or some sort of marinate on it, I’ve eaten Swiss cheese, chocolate, oats, Blueberries, granola, bread, Greek yoghurt, eggs, ice cream (peanut butter flavour), noodles, pickled onions, vegetables, bananas, apples. All a big step from eating a few Jats here and there. 

I’m feeling less nauseated too which is amazing although I did throw up at the gym the other night. I wasn’t working overly hard so maybe something just wasn’t sitting right in my stomach.

I’m no longer allowed to do ab exercises as advised by my doctor. I tore a ligament in my stomach so abs are out for the rest of the pregnancy. Hoping they’re strong enough to withhold everything!

I’m trying to work on writing up some adjusted programs as I don’t feel I’m getting enough out of what I am doing at the moment which is pretty much what Ben is doing (purely strength and a little cardio). I feel like my needs have changed and I need to do more cardio to work on my fitness and more body weight exercises as the weights become harder to do (especially with having  a torn stomach muscle almost everything I do hurts).  I still do want to do a lot of weight training as its important to me that I stay strong but I need to do other things as well for balance especially now I’m eating normal again, I’ll need more exercise to compensate for the food!
My skin is going crazy again this week which may be due to the fact in introducing sugar to my diet again. I’ve booked in for a Facial with In Therapy at Clayfield so super excited for a pamper session! I’ve even booked Ben in to get a treatment for his back.
Bump update … I’m in the ‘I just look like I’m getting fat phase’….yay…this phase isn’t playing with my emotions and self-confidence at all haha. 

Week 13 in pictures:

Keep smiling!

Tahana xo

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pregnancy diaries - Week 12

Week 12: Baby grows from 4.1cm to 5.4cm and DOUBLES in weight from 7g to 14g (size of a plum).

 This week has started out extremely grumpy. Boy am I moody. Poor Ben.  Trying to understand my body and when it needs to eat is really getting to me. If I don’t eat at the right time, I feel really sick and then I don’t want to eat but I have to force myself  because it’s the only thing that will make me feel better. It is really frustrating and because I’m so emotional about everything, of course I’m making it a bigger deal than it needs to be but I just want to feel normal… although I know that won’t happen for a while.

Really struggling with motivation to do anything other than sleep. There’s a lot of self-made motivation going around just to get my butt to the gym (although Ben helps with this one too as I do love to train with him) but I know I have to go.  I’ve cried at the gym a few times this week…I know it may sound silly but it upsets me (obviously made worse by all the hormones travelling through my body) that I can’t do what I used to, that I’m not as strong as I used to be or as fit. I still go to the gym 6 times a week (we only have one rest day each week) but I can’t do high intensity workouts anymore or lift heavy weights and its really getting to me. I worked so extremely hard to get as fit and as strong as I was and I feel like I’m losing it but at the same time I’m trying the best I can. Ben has been amazing at trying to talk me out of being upset about this because I am doing something so much more amazing by growing our baby. It is really hard work and it does take up a lot of my energy but I do vow to get all my strength and fitness back as soon as I can once baby is born.

Ben and I have been having lazy nights in after gym watching Arrow – I watched the first episode a few years back on a flight to the UK and enjoyed it but forgot to watch the rest when I got back. It’s a pretty decent, entertaining show. After finishing Season 1 of Spartacus for the second time, we thought we would watch something new before watching season 2 again. The frustrating thing about watching TV with a pregnant woman is having to pause it every 10-20 mins so she can urinate (as the uterus gets bigger, the bladder gets smaller).

I do not want to jinx it but as of day 4 of this week, I have officially finished two whole meals! I honestly haven’t finished or eaten a decent sized meal for at least 4-5 weeks so this is a big accomplishment for me and gives me hope that all the hormones are settling down and I’ll be able to eat normally again very soon! I even managed to down some chicken which excites me that I may be able to start eating enough protein again!

I went to the Lorna Jane Active Nation Day on Sunday this week. I didn’t go prepared for a bouncy workout so was caught off guard because my breasts are still incredibly tender. I need to invest in a good maternity sports bra!

Finally starting to get a tiny bit of a belly (pic below). I’m guessing now I’ve hit 12 weeks, I’ll just start growing every day and I really cannot wait to have a noticeable belly.

Week 12 in pictures:

Keep smiling!

Tahana <3 

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