Friday, 14 November 2014

Don't Let The Sun Steal Your Beauty!

Today I partner with Ego Pharmaceuticals and their amazing brand SunSense to bring your attention to the importance of sun protection, especially coming in to Summer. 

Are you frying in the sun? Join me and SunSense to help spread the word about sun protection!

Words from SunSense: UV Radiation is the biggest controllable cause of premature skin ageing and in a study led by Professor Adele Green of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, it has finally been shown that regular sunscreen use can help prevent premature ageing. 

Over Summer, we are so often reminded not to head out into the sun without adequate protection, but this new research proves that sun protection is not just about making sure you are lathered in sunscreen when you head to the beach, it is just as important to protect your skin daily.

When it comes to sun damage, prevention is always better than cure and that's why pharmacy favourite SunSense developed the leading sunscreen range with products designed specifically for the face. Each SunSense Face Sunscreen is specifically develop to address different skin types and individual skin concerns and offers the highest UV protection in Australia. 

Words from Me: Almost every day growing up, my mum would constantly ask me before I left the house "Have you got your suncreen on, Tahana?" EVERYDAY! And let me tell you, it drove me crazy. When you're young, you don't understand the importance of some things and this was one of them. Now that I'm almost 27 and some people think I'm 20, I have a lot to thank my mother for!

Obviously, in this case, looks aren't the most important thing considering sun damage can lead to cancer, which can lead to death. I can never stress enough the importance of sun protection. 

I (and my mum and most women in my family actually) have quite fair skin which is extremely sensitive to sun damage (hence the one million freckles all over my body). As a child, I spent A LOT of time outdoors playing sports etc. so I did get a lot of sun exposure but thanks to mum, I was protected. 

I love the non greasy formula! It' actually perfect!

A little information about freckles:
Freckles are thought to develop as a result of a combination of genetic tendency (inheritance) and sun exposure. Two people receiving the same sun exposure may not have an equal chance of developing freckles. Natural sunlight and artificial suntanning lights emit ultraviolet (UV) rays. After exposure to ultraviolet rays, the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) thickens and the pigment-producing cells (the melanocytes) produces the pigment melanin at an increased rate. (This production of melanin may give some protection against future sun exposure.)
Of course, people differ a great deal in their reaction to sunlight. To take an extreme example, there is no pigmentation in the skin of an albino because of a defect in melanin metabolism. On the other hand, people with dark complexions are relatively less sensitive to sun exposure than fair-skinned people. However, people with dark skin are not entirely resistant to the effects of the sun, and they, too, can become sunburned with prolonged exposure. People with blond or red hair, light-colored eyes, and fair skin are especially susceptible to the damaging effect of UV rays.
Freckling is caused by the uneven distribution of the melanin pigment in the skin. A freckle is essentially nothing more than an unusually heavy deposit of melanin at one spot in the skin.

The reason my mother and I feel so strongly about sun protection is because a lot of people in our family have developed skin cancer (including her).

Mum has had quite a few cut out over the years and most recently (just last week) she had to have one cut out of her nose which was a Basal Cell Carcinoma aka BCC (read more about what this is here)

She has been brave enough to share a photo of the aftermath of getting this one cut out. Perhaps something to think about next time you head out in to the sun without protection.

Before mum had this cut out, you wouldn't have even known there was anything wrong. Only a skin cancer check revealed the BCC - Ensure you book in for one ASAP.

Words from Mum: When I was younger, there was no education about sun protection. We never wore suncreen or hats. Sun damage was never spoken about. You could even go to school and play sport without a hat or sunscreen. I still think more education needs to be provided around the importance of protecting your skin but I admit, it's a lot better than it used to be. My advice to everyone would be to wear sunscreen everyday, even if you're only going to be in the sun for a short time. Keep in mind spending as little as 15 minutes in the sun can cause damage to your skin and sun damage can take years to appear as visible symptoms.

Back to me: I cannot agree with SunSense more about the importance of protecting your skin not just for a day at the beach or pool but everyday. We are constantly exposed to the sun. On our morning run, on our walk to work or the train/bus station, watching family members play sport etc etc. It's time to start thinking about the effects this can have on your health and also your physical appearance! No one wants to age early, have scars all over their bodies from having skin cancers cut out and it's definitely not attractive to be that old woman on the beach that looks like her skin is made from leather. Its never too early or too late to start taking care of your skin and protecting it from the Sun!

Sometimes I hear people say things like: I want to go to the solarium because being tanned makes me look hot, I hate wearing sunscreen because it makes my skin look oily and I don't look as pretty, if I wear a hat and sunglasses, I won't be able to see my face in beach selfies, I'm not wearing sunscreen because I want to tan. I admit I have been the "want to tan" person when I was younger but my god...stop being so vain and look after yourself. You know what's not cool...having skin cancer and having scars on your body from having them removed... or, you know, dying of skin cancer!! 

It still surprises me when I find daily moisturisers these days that don't have SPF protection in them. My beloved Milk moisturiser doesn't have it either however, I still use it daily and just put my sunscreen over the top before my foundation. 

Now that's over we get to the fun part... the PRODUCTS.... here's what I'll be using this Summer to protect my skin!

SunSense Moisturising Face SPF 50+ RRP $13.95 (also comes in Anti-Ageing)

This one has been in my hand bag constantly this week! I think it now has a permanent home!

A light moisturising, oil free sunscreen. I have been using this all week and I LOVE it. I've had a few make up free days this week and normally, the sunscreen I use is a little greasy and leaves me looking oily but this one is just perfect. It's also non-comedogenic so it won't block your pores (score!). Best thing about it (for me) is it's fragrance free. It really turns me off a product (especially a moisturiser) if it has fragrance in it as I find that is so harsh on my skin. Blend this one all over the face, ears and neck. On days I spend outside, I will apply this to my face every two hours.

Non greasy! I tell you, its the perfect day time moisturiser!

SunSense Clear mist Spray SPF 50  RRP  $17.99

The most simple, easy and convenient way to stay protected on the daily.. no more excuses!

I love this for all over body use. Absorbs in to the skin super quick. It's preservative free so its also good for oily and acne prone skin (I remember as a teen breaking out after wearing certain sunscreens - won't happen with this one guys!) It's also water resistant for three whole hours so perfect for the beach or pool. I just love mist sunscreens! They're just so easy and convenient! No excuse not to be protected really, huh? 

SunSense Lip Balm SPF 50+  RRP  $5.95

I love how non sunscreen like it is whilst still having 50+ protection! Handbag essential ladies!

Lips! The most forgotten about body part (along with your feet and back of the hands) when it comes to sun protection. This baby has cocoa butter and Vitamin E so not only is it going to protect your kissers from sun damage but it will keep them super soft as well. Also, doesn't taste anything like sunscreen! 

New beauty bestie??? YES!

SunSense Sport SPF 50+ 75g tube  RRP  $8.95

This has not and will not leave my gym bag!

Most of you know I am heavily in to sports. I love my running so this one is perfect for that. As with the others, its non-comedogenic so won't clog your pores and I have tested this and it's sweat proof! Ones I have tried in the past always got in my eyes when sweating and yeah, that hurts. This one is nice and gentle. 

SunSense is the number one selling sunscreen in Australian Pharmacy and the best thing about it is that it is made and tested right here in Australia. 

All of the above products AND MORE are available exclusively in pharmacies and Priceline stores nationally (Priceline Sister Points for sun protection ladies, can you go wrong?!!)

If you have some spare time, please take the time to check out the SunSense & Cancer Council websites. They have a lot of information about sun protection and the damage that can be caused to your skin if you're not protected properly.

Link for SunSense is here and link for Cancer Council Australia is here  

Be sure to tag me in your sun protection pics on Instagram! Let's all get involved and spread the message! @beautybytahanalee or @talkhealthytome

Keep Smiling!

Tahana xo  

* Disclaimer - these products were kindly gifted to Tahana Lee for review however opinions are true and her own