Thursday, 17 July 2014

First Impression - NAT. FACE Rebalance Clay Mask

I am such a huge fan of face masks. I love that when you get a really good one, it can transform your face almost instantly! This one my NAT. is no exception! It's a part of their rebalance line which I didn't realise is actually for oily/ combination skin (I have dry skin). 

Love the packaging!! 

From NAT. website: Combining just the right balance of plant extracts from the Australian tea tree, lavender and chamomile, these are just some botanicals that are known to treat, soothe and heal the skin. NAT.FACE rebalance is formulated to balance the natural oil production of the skin with just the right moisture level. NAT.FACE rebalance is highly effective for combination oily skin types. When used regularly, complexion will look and feel renewed and rebalanced to its natural beautiful condition.

My First Impression of this mask is that it is amazing. It has actually worked wonders for my dry skin, leaving it super moisturised and really soft which actually surprised me. Other face masks I have used have always left my face feeling soft but not many actually help with helping to moisturise with many leaving my skin feeling stripped and quite dry afterwards (anyone else get this with clay masks??). 

Perfect for pamper nights with the girls! X

I love the unique thick clay formula. This one is like no other clay mask I have used. When it dries, it dries in a way that's dry to touch, but doesn't crack and flake away from your face. 

What I did: Cleansed my face as per normal, applied the mask and left on for approximately 20 minutes. Rinsed with warm water and then admired my smaller pores and my smooth and moisturised face (I couldn't stop touching). 

Another thing I love about the formula is that it's so easy to remove. It doesn't stick to your skin like other clay masks and because it doesn't crack, there's no mess! 

One slightly negative (yet necessary) action of the mask is that because it draws out impurities, I did have a few tiny bumps on my chin the next morning (wasn't worrying at all - it was just I hadn't had any blemishes in a few weeks so I put it down to the mask working its wonders). A few days later and I have a few more bumps (they're so tiny and super easy to get rid of) but the rest of my face is still left extremely soft and I do think it did give my pores a really deep clean! 

From NAT. Website: rebalance clay mask 100g clay mask to deeply cleanse, purify and refine pores for combination to oily; uses natural clay to purify and refine the skin, 100% natural lemon essences works to brighten and deeply cleanse whilst Aloe Vera helps softens and sooth the skin. 

They also recommend to use this mask at least once a week which I definitely will be doing.

To find your closest stockist and  to check out there entire range click here

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite clay masks are?!

* Disclaimer - this product was kindly gifted to Tahana Lee Beauty for review however opinions are true and her own


  1. This mask sounds really nice! I'm currently testing out a NAT.FACE eye cream, and wow, I am in love ♡

    Eila | theblushingbrunettes

    1. It really is amazing I love it. Ooooo eye cream?! This is the first of their products I have tried and now I am super keen to just get the whole range! X

  2. This sounds lovely! I am in need of a moisturising mask because like you said, clay masks are often very drying for me!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. I was really shocked at how moisturising it was. In the pictures above with the mask on my face, it was actually dry at that point and as you can see, no cracking or flaking. I think the formula has a lot to do with that. Definitely let me know if you try it out! X