Thursday, 12 June 2014

First Impression - COVERGIRL CG Smoothers BB Cream

I am FINALLY at that stage in life where if I eat right, exercise and drink lots of water, my skin stays fairly clear! Gone are the days where I need to whip out my full coverage foundation on a daily basis. 

For months, I have been searching for a BB cream that will suit my skin. I have tried what feels like all of them and all have left me disappointed and with purchase regret. Because of this, I regularly rock the "au natural" look to work.

All of the BB creams I had tried until now, had left me with a shiny, greasy and uneven face I would not leave the house with! 

When I recently was sent a BB cream by Cover Girl, I had absolutely no expectations and thought it would be just like the others. 

My new holy grail BB cream

I decided to try it anyway to add it to the list of BB creams that weren't for me. 

At first, when I applied, it looked like disappointment was imminent (it was a little shiny)! However, a few minutes later, it had sunk in to my skin, giving an (almost) flawless finish! I was so surprised and really loved the way it sat on my skin. A little glow here and there but no greasy or shiny areas! 

Colour = 810 Light-Medium

I was ecstatic so I decided to leave it on during the day to monitor  it's wear time and boy was I impressed! Below are photos I had taken just after application at around 10am, after lunch at 1:30pm and in the afternoon around 4:00pm. 

Just after application at 10am

After lunch around 1:30pm - I think it looks better here as it's had more time to adjust to my skin.

Around 4pm, it started to go a little shiny. Nothing too serious though.

As you can see, around the 4:00pm (6 hour mark) my face did start to get a little shiny. Not a huge deal as I fixed it with a little translucent powder. 

The COVERGIRL CG smoothers BB cream contains SPF 21 which is a must for anything that goes on your face during the day! It also claims to have 10 skin friendly benefits
  1. Natural looking radiance - tick! Had me glowing (in a good way) almost all day! 
  2. Sheer colour - tick! 
  3. All day hydration - tick! No cakeyness or dry spots anywhere in sight!
  4. Improves skin elasticity - yet to be seen although I'm pretty sure my elasticity was fine to begin with lol
  5. Broad spectrum SPF 21 - tick! Pretty great sun protection! 
  6. Blends effortlessly - tick! I find it's easier to blend with your fingers for this one! 
  7. Lightweight - tick! It was like wearing nothing at all! (Nothing at all, nothing at all) - my Simpsons fans will get that reference haha
  8. Helps skin feel smooth - tick! My skin felt extremely soft and smooth in this cream! 
  9. Covers to help instantly improve skins appearance - tick! Very much agree! It covered my acne scaring perfectly. The scaring was still visible but it evened out the skin tone. 
  10. Won't clog pores - tick! You guys know I have gigantic pores and this even helped to reduce their appearance. 

I've been using this BB cream for almost a week now and I'm in love! It's hard for me to comprehend I have finally found a BB cream that works for me!This BB cream is now part of my daily makeup routine and I highly recommend you try it out and let me know your thoughts.

Makes for a very simple yet effective FOTD

My colour is number 810 - Light - Medium. 

Let me know in the comments what your holy grail BB cream is! Would love to try out a few others! 

Keep smiling!

Tahana xo

* Disclaimer - this product was kindly gifted to Tahana Lee Beauty however opinions are true and her own

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