Saturday, 12 April 2014

Work Desk Essentials

If, like me, you work at a desk for 8-9 hours of the day, you’ll know how dull and boring the work day can be when you’re confined to one space for a long period of time. Over the years I’ve found the more I made my space “my own” the more I didn’t mind being there. Personalising your work space is important to keep a positive mind during your work day. It allows little escapes when you just need to take your eyes away from the screen for a few minutes.  Being that most days I don’t get away from my desk, I sometimes forget about the important things, like drinking enough water. I have compiled a list of my ‘work space essentials’ and have also included a little things you need throughout the day.

Water Jug

As you all know (or should know) we need on average, around 2L of water per day. If you’re like me and get so caught up in doing work, then drinking lots of water can be a challenge. To make this a little easier on myself, I invested in a 1L jug and a glass to keep at my desk. I fill it once in the morning and aim to finish it before my lunch break (whatever I have left I drink over lunch). I then fill it again after lunch and drink that litre before the day is out “et voila!” Two litres down the hatch and I figure any water I drink at home after work is a bonus.

There are so many pretty water jugs out there and you can even get creative and use milk jugs or vases – anything that can hold water really.

Here are some of my favourites I found online.

Top Left - Target $12, Top Rght - Kmart $8.50, Bottom Left - Ikea $9.99, Bottom Right - Ikea $2.99


I don’t know about you but I hate using office mugs. They all look the same, they’re always dirty when you get them from the cupboard and you don’t know where they’ve been (or you do and that’s why you hate using them). I do love my morning green or peppermint tea and I love drinking it out of my very own mug. I know exactly where it’s been and it’s mine (and its super pretty). Having your own mug adds extra character to your workspace and if yours is as pretty as mine, it’s a conversation starter with your colleagues who will soon follow suit and get their own mug.
(TIP: if you work in an office, wash your mug yourself. If you put it in the dishwasher along with the others, I can almost guarantee it will disappear before you get the chance to get it back. People are drawn to pretty colours so it will stand out and someone will take it and claim it as their own!)

Top Left - Ikea $2.99, Top Right - Freedom $5.95, Bottom Left - Freedom $6.95, Bottom Right - Kmart $2

Hand Cream

Working in airconditioning can be extremely drying on your skin. Having a good hand cream at your desk is a big help for keeping your mittens nice, soft and hydrated. I apply my hand cream to my hands, arms and elbows at least once an hour (people tell me this is excessive but hey, I hate having dry skin).

Here a few of my favourite hand creams. The Norwegian Formula by Neutrogena is the best for hydration but any hand cream by MOR will have your coworkers asking what perfume you just sprayed because they want to buy it!

Top Left - MOR Hand Cream in Neroli Clementine  Priceline $14.95, Top Right - Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Hand Cream Priceline $19,99, Bottom Left - Neutrogena Norwegian Formul Hand Cream Priceline $7.99, Bottom Right - Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Creme Priceline $19.99

Hand Sanitiser

I maybe a bit pedantic when it comes to hand sanitiser but if there is a place to be pedantic about germs, it’s the work place! I always have a bottle with me in my bag, on my desk and in my car.

I work in an office with over 100 people so I’m not exactly trusting that each of them is as germ conscious as me (when I say germ conscious I mean washing hands, cleaning the kitchen with a clean cloth etc.) You never know what you’re touching so having this handy makes me feel at ease knowing I’m not spreading more germs and I have less chance of getting sick.

These days, there are so many hand sanitsers on the market. Just be sure they are the ones that don’t need water and kill at least 99.99% of germs (I always wonder what happens to that 0.01% lol)

The new Dettol one has added moisturiser which is great as hand sanitiser can dry out the skin, but if you have your hand cream handy, it won’t really matter.

Top Right - Dettol Chamomile Priceline $3.69, Top Right - Soap & Glory Mecca Maxima $7.95, Bottom Left - Kit Cosmetics Instant Hand Cleanser Mecca Maxima $9.95

Lip Balm

I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t live without lip balm. I need it on my lips 24/7 (ok maybe 16/7 but you get the idea) whether it’s under my lipstick/ lip stain/ lip gloss or just by itself. Dry, cracked lips is a major pet hate of mine and I can’t stand it on me or anyone else. There is just no excuse for dry lips… am I right? I keep a selection of lip balms in my handbag and one has a home on my desk. I apply randomly throughout the day (if you ask my work mates, they’ll tell you I do it every five minutes). It keeps my lips nice and soft and happy.

The world of lip balms is endless. So many flavours, so many with pretty packaging. The lip balm world is your oyster. Here are a few of my favourites (always have and always will be obsessed with Chapstick! The strawberry one has been my favourite for years I couldn't even tell you how many sticks I've been through!)

Top Left - Chapstick Conditioner - Priceline $4.69, Top Right - Kit Cosmetics Lip Balm - Mecca Maxima $16.95, Bottom Left - Chapstick Strawberry (my favourite) - Priceline $4.69, Bottom Right - Chapstick 3in1 - Priceline $4.99

Compact Mirror

How else are you going to check your teeth after lunch and snack times? Also very handy to check how your makeup is going and whether you need a freshen up and just to make sure you’re still beautiful.

There are so many gorgeous compact mirrors . I’m sure I have over ten at home but here are some pretty ones I found online.

Top Left - Oroton $25-$55, Top Right - Alannah Hill $29, Bottom Left - $10, Bottom Right - $28


We all know work (even if we do what we love) can sometimes get a bit much and we need to take a little break. Having photos of friends, holidays and loved ones around your desk can make work that little bit easier, whether its day dreaming about returning to Disneyland or remembering the reason you work so hard. The more you can do to stay positive, the better. Motivational quotes are also good to have around your work space (to keep you motivated of course).

Flowers/ Plants

If you’re lucky enough to have a special someone in your life that sends you flowers to work on a regular basis then I am jealous. I am not so lucky, however, I love having fresh flowers around me (especially my favourites – lillys). Whilst this might not be practical in some offices, I think having flowers or  a plant at your desk is a great way to brighten it up. They don’t even have to be real. Most fake flowers and plants these days look real enough. Having a plant to water each day could even be a great experiment (see how long you can keep it alive).

Here are some great looking flowers (fake) I found online.

Top Left - Ikea $1.99ea, Top Right - Ikea $0.99ea, Botom Left - Kmart $5, Bottom Right - Kmart $15

At the end of the day having a positive work space is essential for staying positive throughout your work day/ week/ month/ year/ life. We need to create a positive and happy work station that we actually like to go to.

Happy redecorating!

Keep smiling!

Tahana x

Instagram: beautybytahanalee

Twitter: tahanaleebeauty

**disclaimer - all photos are from the corresponding websites, none are my own in this post 


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    1. You're very welcome! Glad I could help! It definitely makes keeping up with water in take a lot easier when it's on your desk staring at you! :-) xx

  2. What a great post! I agree, it can get pretty miserable sitting at your generic little desk all day, every day. I love some of your ideas for brightening up a desk, especially the fake flowers & plants.

    Dani xo

    1. Thanks Dani! I'm so happy you enjoyed my post! :-) xx

  3. I loved this post, the water jugs and mugs you picked are so cute ^_^


    1. Thank you lovely! I know they're so cute! Going to get a few for myself I think!! :-)