Friday, 18 April 2014

Mario Badescu DRYING LOTION Review

For some reason (well actually I’m lying, I know my eating habits are the exact reason) I’ve had a really bad month, skinwise. I’ve been continuously breaking out in gross whiteheads on my chin and jawline areas.


Mario Badescu has more than come to my rescue! He has provided a product that ensures I never have to worry about an ugly whitehead on my face again! I know what you’re thinking… how is this possible? Well, keep reading and I will tell you exactly how!


I purchased this from Mecca Maxima on a complete whim only hearing a few things here and there about it but, as I do, I didn’t pay attention. I was missing out on what I am going to call – The best product in my world (right now … always room for improvement).

I have been using this drying lotion for over two weeks now and I can honestly say it definitely works.


The product comes in a small glass bottle – pictured below. There is a pink sediment on the bottom with a yellowish substance filling up the rest of the bottle. These layers must be kept separate and Mario recommends if the products have been mixed during delivery or travel, place the bottle on the flat surface until the layers separate and the pinks sediment rests on the bottom.

 To use, simply get a cotton swab/ tip and place it into the bottle all the way in to reach the pink sediment. The cotton tip will also pick up the yellowish solution and form some sort of chemical reaction and forms the two together and somehow doesn’t drip off the cotton tip. Once you have removed the cotton tip from the bottle, dab the product on to your blemishes. Be careful to only apply to your problem areas as the ingredients in this product are extremely drying.  I always do this at night time and leave the product on overnight whilst I sleep so it has plenty of time to work its magic. Any residue will come off when you cleanse your face in the morning. It’s that simple. (Tip: don't double dip your cotton tip back in to the bottle if you need more! Grab a fresh one otherwise you will be putting bacteria in to the product)


I normally do this after I cleanse and exfoliate. Whilst the instructions state to do this after moisturising, I haven’t been using my serum or moisturiser on the nights I have been using this. I felt as though moisturising would hinder the objective of this product – drying out my blemishes. I haven’t had any issues with dryness since using this so I will continue to skip these steps on the nights I do use this. I will only be using this maximum two nights a week and, of course, only when it’s needed.


This product claims to skrink whiteheads over night and it does exactly that. Whilst my blemishes weren’t completely gone the morning after, they were drastically smaller, much less red and angry and so much easier to conceal. I honestly believe this product drastically increases the speed at which your blemishes heal.


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion contains Salacylic Acid, calamine and other super drying ingredients. This product really lives up to its name. Whilst it is a drying lotion, as mentioned, I haven’t had any issues with dryness of my skin. The only thing this little guy has an effect on, are my pesky little blemishes! This is also great for body acne and they also recommend it to help with the itchiness from mosquito bites. Being a mosquito magnet myself (and living next to mangroves) I can vouch for this. After seeing the recommendation, I tried it on all 14 of my current bites and it really did help with the itching, which in turn will help the healing of my bites. No scratching = no scabs (Ew I hate that word)! Yay!


I have read a few reviews that have complained about the smell of the product. Whilst it's a strong smell, I don’t believe it’s overwhelming. It just smells really clean to me. Like a hospital almost.


The cost is AU$26.95 from Mecca Maxima in Australia. I can see this bottle lasting me a good few months so it’s definitely worth the money.

Let me know in the comments below if you've used this product! Do you love it as much as me? 

Keep smiling!

Tahana x



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  1. This lotion will result in a great success for many ladies, as it will remove many of the scars that you have, I can see the positive results BTW, will buy this soon.